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(Harald Paul)


I learned to play the Didgeridoo in Germany from someone who learned to play from an Aboriginal.

We learned on plastic pipes which were only about 4 feet long.

I bought my first Didgeridoo made out of Bamboo which was about 5.5 feet long.

Then I found a Lady (Jaya Peters) in Munich, Germany, who was doing evening classes. I started to help her, which i enjoyed a lot.

She realized that I played in a way, which she didn't know how to explain to the people she taught. I know several ways of doing the circular breathing.

Then I got my first real Didgeridoo from her. It was a "C"

Now, in relation to our Chakra system, this sound gets us rooted. The first Chakra

Then I found a "B" which helps us to open the Crown Chakra.

Later I started to teach the Didgeridoo in Nuremberg, Germany. I taught between 2 and 15 people at a time.

One time I was invited to play for an Australian Picture show. Then i started to play with many other musicians, like Guitar players, Drummers, Keyboard players and so on. We met for jam sessions once a week.

Once Miten heard me playing my Didgeridoo and invited me later to be part of one of his new CD's (Global Heart - Native Sound),

Playing the didgeridoo is fun, exciting and unique in the upstate New York area.

I look forward to playing the Didgeridoo with you.

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