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(Narayan Das)


Keerti was initiated into Osho's Neo sannyas in 1971 and traveled around India as part of Osho's Kirtan Group. He has been a spokesperson for Osho Commune International and also the founding editor of Osho Times International published under various names from Pune since 1975. He is presently the spokesperson of Osho World Foundation and the editor of Osho World monthly Hindi magazine published from New Delhi.

He has been an editor of Osho books and is the author of three books on Osho: Allah to Zen, The Osho Way: In Romance with Life, and Osho Fragrance.

Keerti regularly contributes articles on meditation and other subjects to several newspapers and magazines. He travels extensively to conduct meditation camps in different parts of the country and abroad.

Contact Details

Osho Rajyoga Meditation Centre
C-5/44, Safdarjung Development Area
New Delhi - 110016
Phone: 011-26862898, 26964533
2000: Allah to Zen
2003: The Osho Way: In Romance with Life
2005: Osho Fragrance
2008: The Alchemy of Zen
2010: Osho. Blagouhanie (Ошо. Благоухание)
2010: Osho Fragancia
2018: Mindfulness: The Master Key
Osho World
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