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Chitten 2nd from left, see Osho's World Tour, Jul 30, 1986 for others

(aka Sw Veet Thomas)

Sw Chitten was born in Germany and took sannyas in Pune One as Sw Veet Thomas, working as a guard in #70. When Osho went to the States, he went back to Germany, got his new name Chitten -- it is not known whether "Veet" was retained, replaced or just dropped -- and worked with Ramateertha to build his center in Köln into the biggest center in Europe. They became the main logistical supporters of Osho's caravan during the World Tour; afterwards, Jayesh chose Chitten as his main assistant in Pune Two, handling international money flow and many other things.

Chitten was appointed to the original Inner Circle by Osho in 1989 but in late 1991 he left the IC and commune suddenly and disappeared to retire in India.

Osho answers a question from Chitten here, from The Great Pilgrimage: From Here to Here, ch 7, q 3 (chapter title comes from this question):

Chitten, first just listen carefully to this small story.
The plane had just taken off and the captain was telling the passengers about the altitude of the plane, the cruising speed etc. But he forgot to switch off the microphone.
He then turned to his co-pilot and said, "First I'm going to have a cup of coffee and then I'm going to screw that pretty stewardess, Denise."
The shocked stewardess was down the end of the plane when she heard this come over the loudspeaker. So she began to rush down the aisle to tell the captain to switch off his mike.
Halfway down the plane an old lady stopped her and said, "There's no hurry, Denise, let him have his cup of tea first."
Chitten, there is no hurry at all. First have your cup of tea!
Enlightenment will be coming, just you have to learn waiting for it. Hurry will not help. Hurry is going to hinder.
The only thing that is a hindrance is hurry. [rest snipped]

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