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Photo of many Ranch musicians playing at the head of Osho’s drive-by through the main street of Rajneeshpuram. Deva in cowboy hat playing the acoustic guitar.

(David Goldberg)

Hi everyone, Sw. Deva here.

I am American and came to Pune in 1975. When Bhagwan gave me my name, it was Madhava Deva but he said “Let everyone call you Deva”, and that’s what it’s been since that night.

After being in Pune for about 6 months, I went back to Hawaii where I’d been living and brought my daughter, Gyana (her name was Jnana then, also an Indian word for wisdom), to Pune which is where we stayed until we all moved to the Ranch in ’81 and then back into the world in ’86.

In Pune I made malas, worked as Deeksha’s Handyman shopper (I even had a rickshaw) and then ran a department that fixed all the typewriters and other office equipment that I inherited from super-mechanic American Bindu. Since I’d spent most of my time there buying and selling for the Ashram in Pune and Bombay, when we left Pune Sheela asked me to oversee the selling of the Ashram and all its stuff which is what I did and stayed another 4 months longer after everyone left. Then Gyana and I went to Gitam for a couple of months and then the Ranch.

I had a lot of jobs on the Ranch but am mainly known for being Mr. Motorola. I designed and installed the Motorola radio system and then the telephone system for the Ranch. I was also in the Rajneesh Country Band.

Gyana once told me that while we were on the Ranch she lived in fear that my big mouth would get us kicked out. She was right to worry but although that never happened, I did get kicked out of and into a lot of different jobs. After being a telecom guy and running Gora, the equipment repair temple, I worked as a bus driver, an HVAC maintenance guy and all over the restaurants, on the Ranch and in Portland and at the Portland hotel. The best job I had was working at Ko Hsuan school on the Ranch. I taught and cared for the kids which was Sheela’s idea or punishment and my idea of heaven. I sometimes changed 15 diapers a day.

After the Ranch Gyana and I went to California, San Diego and then the Bay Area. I worked as a carpenter, General Contractor and then a computer tech. In ’93 I moved to Munich, Germany and spent 8 years there as a telecommunications specialist. Now I live in Santa Fe and make my way as a commercial photographer and a web developer. I still play guitar and am a singer-songwriter. I’m also writing my memoirs (aren’t we all), some of which are on my blog. I guess that’s about it until the next chapter.

Love to you all.


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David Goldberg
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