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Arjava, 2018
Neeraj and Arjava, 2016
Arjava, Neeraj and Osho, 1980

The heartful 39 year journey with Osho began by participating fully at his communes in India and the USA, and continues now with zest and peacefulness each day. Meditative awareness brings joyfulness, playfulness and well being to living life everyday in a simple, ecstatic way for both Prem Neeraj & Deva Arjava, who are disciples of Osho and the centre contacts for the OSHO® INFORMATION CENTRE, Oshozen in Vancouver. The meaning Osho gave to the names he chose for us are: Prem (Love) Neeraj (Cloud) and Deva (Divine) Arjava (Simplicity).

It is our direct experiencing that gratefulness is the only natural response out of true understanding. We bow down to the master with inexpressible gratitude for giving us a vision of a life that is worth living. We love the mutual sharing of the gratitude in liquid friendliness with other sannyasi as it gives mutual courage, strength and well being. An aware life is a good life. Osho teaches us life not death, because to the master death does not exist at all.

Just remembering, there is deathlessness - everlasting life.

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