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(James Paul Campbell)

Parijat and Paritosh during darshan with Osho
(Sannyas magazine, Jun 1978)

Born Jun 18, 1909 in Glasgow. Left his body Apr 6, 1990.

Was a resident at the C.G. Jung Institute and director of the Davidson Clinic for Analytical Psychology (Scotland).

He took Sannyas Apr 12, 1975, was a commune resident in Poona and conducted individual sessions.

"We have a very old sannyasin, Paritosh -- you must see him. He is one of the oldest colleagues of Jung. He is a sannyasin who has come to be here permanently. He himself is a psychoanalyst of the Jungian School. Meet him -- his experience will be helpful to you, because he has travelled from Jung towards me and it will be very helpful for you to move from Jung towards me; it will be easier. Talk to him about what has happened to him."

(Osho, Dance Your Way to God, Aug 2, 1976)

After leaving Rajneeshpuram, he settled in Berlin. He started a weekly group based on the Da Free John movement. Shortly before he died he moved to their commune, an ex-monastry, in Maria Hoop, Netherlands. He said he wanted to die there because they have a 3 day and night vigil with the deceaseds body.

1977 : Ancient Music in the Pines (introduction, see below)
1977 : Come Follow Me, Vol 3 (compilation, editing and introduction)
1980 : The Sun Rises in the Evening (backflap text)
1983 : Testimonial letter from Sw Deva Paritosh
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