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(Mike Edwards)


He was born May 31, 1948 (Ealing, UK).

Pramada was a founding member and played cello with ELO (Electric Light Orchestra), a seven-piece band led by Jeff Lynne, from their first live gig in April 1972 until he left in January 1975.

He was a member of the UK Medina Rajneesh Neo Sannyas Commune, Herringswell in the 80′s where he regularly played music for satsangs. Post Medina, he produced operas for Sadlers Wells and Covent Garden. In 1992, he released a double cassette as Tim Brophy & Deva Pramada.

Deva Pramada died September 3, 2010 in an accident when a giant runaway hay bale smashed into his van on the A381 in Devon.

1973 : ELO : ELO 2
1973 : ELO : On the Third Day
1974 : ELO : Eldorado, A Symphony
1975 : ELO : Face the Music
1991 : Terra Incognita : No Goal But The Path
1992 : Terra Incognita : Tribal Gathering
2001 : ELO : The Electric Light Orchestra (First Light Series)
Mike Edwards tribute, former ELO cellist
Mike Edwards (ex ELO ) plays the cello - 2009
Interview with Electric Light Orchestra cello player Mike Edwards by Martin Kinch 2009
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Mike Edwards (Ex ELO) plays The Prelude From The Second Suite by Johann Sebastian Bach
ELO - Showdown
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