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with diploma from his school
in darshan with Osho

Prashantam was born in Portugal in 1949. He spent his childhood on the ocean in a small fishing village. He left home quite early, picked up various degrees in Paris, taught at the Sorbonne and then went traveling in Asia, meeting a lot of extraordinary people, two of whom he singles out as the greatest influence on his life:
  1. Koku Nishimura, a Japanese Zen master, whom Prashantam met in 1973. While staying in Japan, Prashantam also learned shiatsu and playing the Kyotaku, a type of Shakuhachi bamboo flute.
  2. Osho, whom Prashantam met in 1976 in Pune. There Prashantam stopped traveling until Osho himself left. He rejoined Osho's commune in Pune Two, during which time he developed various healing methods and led groups and taught shiatsu.
In 1990, Osho left again, so he continued his journey around the world, living with Aboriginal people in Australia and the Philippines, with shamans in Brazil, the Andes, and Tibetan doctors in Sikkim and much more.
He returned to his homeland Portugal in 2015 or so, where he runs groups and trainings, and teaches healing methods and meditation, as well as offering these events in other places around the world. His new holistic school is called "I.T.S. My life", where ITS stands for Innovative Therapeutic System.
Prashantam speaks seven languages: Portuguese, English, Italian, French, German, Spanish and Japanese
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