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(David Brusca)

Devakant was very active in all phases of the musical life around Osho, and played for Him personally and the commune on hundreds of occasions, especially in Rajneeshpuram and Poona 2. There are dozens of recordings in which he played, which was nearly all the series of CDs released as 'Evening Satsangs with the Master', as well as all the recordings of ashram music released by New Earth under various titles recorded from the years 1986-1992.

1955 Born in Riverside, California, began playing trumpet age 7, flute age 15, piano, violin age 17

1973 Studied Western Classical Music, composition at University of California, Berkeley

1978-80 Studied meditation, Eastern Classical Music in India and at Ali Akbar College of Music, California

1986-90 Studied extensively Indian classical Music under Hariprasad Chaurasia, studied ancient Buddhist and Hindu art in India, Nepal, Thailand. First recording Eagles Flight produced 1989

1990-92 Sculpted large Buddha statues for meditation centers and public parks in India; created music for large performances of Sacred Dances with 40 dancers

1992 Settled in Toscana, Italy. Studied sculpture under the guidance and friendship of Emilio Ambron; worked extensively with Italian marbles, and Terra cotta

First concert tours in Italy, Germany

1993 First concert tour of Japan; studied Buddhist sculpture, calligraphy, ancient art of monochrome ink-painting

1995-96 Extensive tours of Japan; Invited to play concerts in many Zen temples and Shinto shrines; Travels country sponsored and filmed by NHK-TV in footsteps of ancient poet Matsuo Basho: Documentary is aired as 4-part series "A Pilgrimage in Sound";

Studies painting and sculpture in all of Japan

1997 Two marble statues put on permanent display in a temple in Nara, Japan

1999 Studies Tibetan Thangka painting

2000-2003 First bronzes; studies casting techniques in Pietrasanta, Italy.

Makes large in-situ sculptures in meditation centers in Italy, and Chile.

Makes numerous concerts in temples, theaters and hospitals in Japan.

2004-2010 Solo and joint exhibition-concerts in Europe and the United States; Extensive concert tours in Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Holland, Czech, Denmark, Chile, and Japan

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2019 : In the Eye of the Hurricane

1987 / 1997 / 2011 : Chuang Tzu’s Dream
1988 / 1993 : A Taste of Tao
1988 : 1988 में गुरु पूर्णिमा कीर्तन (1988-07-29 Guru Poornima Keertan)
1989 : Eagle's Flight
1990 : Hidden Harmony
1990 : Oceanic
1991 : Door Of Eternity
1992 : In Wonder / The Narrow Road To The Deep North
1992 : Inner Explosion
1993 : Mystery Dances
1993 : Concert In Japan
1994 : Seven Dreams
1995 : Sacred Dances
1996 : Sounds From Beyond
1997 : Narrow Road to the deep Interior
1998 / 2004 : Blowing Zen
1999 / 2005 : Inside.... Is Forever
2000 : Dreams And Visions
2002 : Mystic
2003 : Namasté
2005 : Inner Space
2005 : Open Window
2007: Zen Signs
2008 / 2010 : The Way Home
2010 : A Healing Journey
2011 / 2012 : Body And Soul