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(John Mac Cosham)

1985 in California

I took sannyas in 1979 in Perth. I was living up the coast in a fishing town. After visiting Poona 1 for 2 months I moved to the city to be part of the sannyas community. Went to Poona 1 again for another 6 months. Osho left for America and I returned to Perth where I joined the Fremantle commune.

The Fremantle commune en mass attended the first Rajneeshpuram festival. I was invited to the Ranch and lived on the Ranch for two years.

In 1985 I was back in Fremantle. Haven't been to Poona 2, although I made a trip to Bombay which was the last time I saw Osho.

My current interests include the study of synergetics. (Mar 2008)

Dharmraj left his body on 9th Feb 2016.

Contact Details

21 Maxwell Street
Beaconsfield WA 6162
Swami Dharmraj