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(Tarun Mishra)


Vatayan, a renowned drummer and percussionist, has been working in the music industry and teaching for the past 20 years. He performed in more than 14 countries. Recorded and played with some of the best musicians around the globe like Nivedano, Milarepa, Joshua, Manish Tabla, Rakesh Chaurasia, Mahesh Vinayakaram, Lesle Lewis, Bikramjit Singh, Sivamani, Manasi Scott, Kavita Seth & Zila Khan, just to name a few. Whenever he played music he felt something was missing and one day he heard Osho talking about music and realized that it was silence, "Silence is the ultimate music." Osho said.

Contact Details

Shop No. B -6
7 Parmar Trade Center

(Near Sadhu Vaswani Chowk , Behind Income Tax Building)

411001 Pune, MS
Mobile: +91 976-487-5000
Skype: tarun.mishra.vatayan
1997 : Namaste ?
Vatayan's YouTube channel
Vatayan performing with Drum Cafe India
Vatayan & Prashek @ Kebab Studio

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Vatayan on facebook
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  • Pune, 2000 : Vatayan and friend

  • Pune, 2000 : Milarepa, Nivedano, Vatayan and Sat Prem

  • Buddha Hall, Pune, 2001 : Oshoba : left to right: Sw Anand Milarepa (big drum), Sw Sandesh (smaller drum), Sw Gutei (shaker), Sw Anand Nivedano (drums), Sw Abhivandan ( small drum), Japanese bass player (Ma Radha’s boyfriend), Vatayan (maracas) & Sw Nirguno (cuíca drums)

  • Pune Resort, 2001 : Maneesh, Nivedano, Ojas, Vatayan, Denesh and others