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(aka Shree Jayendra D. Lashkari)

Siddharth, far right in back row
Siddharth standing, third from right

Siddharth was among the first group of twenty to "officially" take sannyas from Osho in Manali (pic right). His trade in Mumbai was a printer, and as such, he was the printer for a number of Osho's books in the early 1970s.

Not much other bio-material is available for Siddharth but he has some "important" entries in Osho's books.

The last chapter of The Silent Explosion (p 202-217) contains material about Siddharth's visit to the 16th Lama Karmapa, relating among other things to Osho's past life in Tibet. The account is widely cited but not available in full-- eg not included in the CD ROM -- except at a few places, like Osho News and Purushottama's blog, Sat Sangha Salon.

Osho's answers to a number of Siddharth's questions are recorded from the months in Mumbai when Osho returned from his World Tour, especially in The Osho Upanishad. These include his trouble with Osho calling him by his old name, Lashkariji, in ch 14; his vision of Gautam Buddha entering Osho as a "vehicle", in ch 35; his enlightenment, in ch 36, and more.

And then in No Mind, we have first the recollection of Siddharth's vision about Gautam Buddha coming to reside in Osho (ch 1), followed by a rather more ignominious tale of his clinging to a large pile of money he had offered to Osho just three days previously (ch 4). A life writ large.

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