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(Thomas Trobe, M.D.)


Krishnananda Trobe, M.D. is a psychiatrist, with degrees from Harvard University and the University of California. Krishnananda and his partner Amana are the founders and directors of the Learning Love Institute based in Sedona, Arizona. Together, they lead seminars and trainings teaching intimacy, healthy sexuality, meditation and healing childhood wounds in many countries worldwide including, the US, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Holland, Germany, Sweden, Norway, China, Taiwan, Russia, Czech Republic and Turkey. They have trained seminar leaders and session givers teaching the Learning Love Work in many countries.

Contact Details

Sedona, Arizona
Learning Love Institute
1993 : Face to Face with Fear
1997 : Stepping Out of Fear
2004 : Licom k licu so strahom (Лицом к лицу со страхом)
2004 : Za predely straha (За пределы страха)
2005 : From Fantasy Trust to Real Trust
2007 : V poiskah ljubvi (В поисках любви)
2008 : De la confianza ficticia a la confianza real
2008 : When Sex Becomes Intimate
2008 : When Trust Fails and How to Recover It
2009 : Obretaja ljubov' (Обретая любовь)
2011 : (Chinese translation of Face to Face with Fear)
2011 : (Chinese translation of From Fantasy Trust to Real Trust)
2011 : Cuando el sexo nos vuelve vulnerables
2012 : Dlja vljublennyh (Для влюбленных)
2012 : Vstrecha so strahom (Встреча со страхом)
2013 : A tu per tu con la paura
2013 : The Learning Love Handbook 1: Opening to Vulnerability
2014 : The Learning Love Handbook 2: Healing Shame and Shock
2015 : The Learning Love Handbook 3: Living with Passion
2016 : Wenn Sex intim wird
2016 : Istinnaja blizost' (Истинная близость)
2003 : Letting go & Opening to vulnerability
2003 : Healing Shame & Shock
2005 : Coming Alive & Inner Space
2008 : Living Your Vision
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