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Swami Louis Anando has been Osho’s disciple since January 2011. A science educator, writer, public radio and television personality, and newspaper journalist by profession, he was attracted to Osho while working for the U.S. space agency NASA in the late 1990s. He holds two undergraduate degrees and a master in science degree in space science from American universities.

Says Sw Anando: "From Osho I learned that God is not a person. He said that we are unable to worship God. We can all live in a godly way but we cannot worship God. Why? There is nobody there for us to worship. 'All your worship is sheer stupidity, all your images of God are your own creation,' Osho said. Since there is no God as many believe the concept, there is only godliness. We find this quality of godliness in the night sky, among the giant sequoias, as we watch Old Faithful erupt, the flight of birds, even in the bees as they gather pollen. You watch naked lovers climax in a tangle of sweaty limbs, you behold a dazzling sunset, you hear the muffled surf just over the barrier dunes—and you feel something stirring, a harmony emerges from the heart, all this, Osho said, is godliness. 'Let us say`godliness`rather than using the word `God (since) that word gives you the idea of a person, and God is not a person but a presence.'"

Sw Anando is a college professor (he teaches astronomy and dinosaur paleontology) and writes an occasional astronomy column. He enjoys Osho meditation, naturism, Esalen massage, stargazing, photography, and meeting sannyasins around the world. He is the author of a brief space history book about the Moon and the controversial origin of tektites. He spends time at home between cloudy Vermont and sunny Florida.

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Vermont & Florida USA

2006 : Inconstant Moon: Discovery and Controversy on the Way to the Moon