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with Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur and Guruganesha Singh
Manish Vyas was born in 1971 in Gujarat, India and has been learning and teaching music since 25 years, which he learnt through the years with different maestros in India. He learnt tabla with Zinda Hussein at his childhood and his first concert happened when he was just 12 years old in Rajkot. At the same time, he was learning harmonium in the company of local expert musicians. At the age of 20, having moved to Pune to pursue his musical career, Manish started learning tabla with Ustad Allarakha, where he continued for many years, while he was in charge of the musical department at Osho Pune Ashram, organizing and performing concerts. During this time, he also learnt to play santoor and keyboard. Manish met Jagjit Singh and played with him in a big performance presented at the Osho Samadhi. This maestro of ghazals, classic and devotional music was a big influence in Manish's musical life - and still is.

He is a composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist and teacher - tabla, santoor, harmonium, keyboard and other eastern percussion. Along his lifetime musical path, he has composed hundreds of songs, mainly in the devotional, mystical, folk, instrumental and sufi genres. He has released 20 albums of original music and has also contributed to dozens of other musicians' productions with his compositions, voice and instruments.

Manish moved to Switzerland when he married his Swiss wife and this country and they live in Canton St. Gallen. He used to tour around the world, but since some years ago he has decided to mainly travel within Europe and India, to share his versatile music in different events and venues, as well as teaching in workshops. An interesting information is that Manish is also a yoga teacher - he focuses his practice mainly in surya namaskar, pranayam and dhyan when teaching.
Sannyasin since 1979.

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