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(Augustus Pembroke Thomson)


After traveling to India and meeting Osho in 1976, Milarepa lived and worked in the Osho Commune for 10 years. He had many jobs, among them coordinating the Commune music department in Pune ll. He is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, and meditation leader and has been touring continuously with his One Sky Band since 1992 -- sharing a vision of meditation, music, and celebration throughout the world.

He said, in an interview in Osho Times (January 16, 1991, link below):

"Although work was, and still is, considered an important part of Osho's vision, in the last years of his life, he began to emphasize creativity as a way of expressing and sharing the fruits of our meditation. His discourses took on more and more the flavor of Zen and it was clear he wanted each of us to become our own individual, not dependent on anybody else. Including him! Nor dependent on anything, even the Commune.

"Taking care of the music around Osho for me has been about allowing things to expand and flow with him, so that the music reflects as clearly as possible his vision and the things we are continually learning by being with him. In this way, music has became my meditation."

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one sky music
1987 / 1997 / 2011 : Chuang Tzu’s Dream
1989 / 1994 / 2010 : Shadow of the Pines
1990 : Hidden Harmony
1990 : Garden of the Beloved
1993 : Fragments of Truth
1993 : Songs of Awakening
1995 : Cloud Watching
1995 : Lion's Roar
1996 : Laughter of the Buddhas
2005 : Open Window
2005 : Sutras of the Heart
2006 : Lotus Paradise
2011 : Daydreams
Chakra Healing Meditation
Circle of Love Meditation
Five Senses Meditation
Invisible Worlds
Yin Yang Dance Meditation
1993 : The Osho Song Book
(24 Songs with transcriptions, written by Milarepa and Sw Siddhamo)
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  • Milarepa1.jpg
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  • Poona, 1998 : Marco, Milarepa & Vimal

  • (???) Buddha Hall, Poona, 1983 : Milarepa, Sw Anand Nivedano, Sw Deva Karunesh (piano)

  • (???) Chuang Tzu Auditorium, Poona, 1983 : Sw Teerth (percussion), Sw Prabodh (bass), Ma Bharti (piano), Sw Anand Nivedano (drums), Milarepa (guitar), violin player unknown

  • Uruguay, 1986 : clockwise: Sw Anand Nivedano, Milarepa, Sw Dhyan Yogi & Ma Prem Maneesha

  • First night Buddha Hall, Poona, 1987 : Milarepa, Sw Kamal, Sw Anand Rupesh & Sw Anand Nivedano

  • Buddha Hall, Poona, 1998 : Milarepa, Marco, German Sw., Satgyan, Nivedano and others (1 of 3)

  • Buddha Hall, Poona, 1998 : Milarepa, Marco, German Sw., Satgyan, Nivedano and others (2 of 3)

  • Buddha Hall, Poona, 1998 : Milarepa, Marco, German Sw., Satgyan, Nivedano, Sw Bindu and others (3 of 3)

  • Pune, 2000 : Dinesh, Shavdo, Satgyan, Abi, Sat Prem, Nivedano, Amaresh, Milarepa, Adarsha, Pratibha, Gutei

  • Pune, 2000 : Milarepa, Nivedano, Vatayan and Sat Prem

  • Music room, Pune, 2000 : Milarepa, Nirguno, Sat Prem, Gutei, Nivedano

  • Buddha Hall, Pune, 2001 : Oshoba : left to right: Milarepa (big drum), Sw Sandesh (smaller drum), Sw Gutei (shaker), Sw Anand Nivedano (drums), Sw Abhivandan ( small drum), Japanese bass player (Ma Radha’s boyfriend), Sw Dhyan Vatayan (maracas) & Sw Nirguno (cuíca drums)

  • Japan : With Sw Anand Nivedano

  • Milarepa4.jpg
  • Milarepa & Mutribo

  • Milarepa & Mutribo in the Ranch RBG