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(M. Sarathchandar - L&T Engineer, Chhattisgarh State, Bhilai)


A neo sannayasi who is travelling in his spiritual journey with so much joy and pain. Stuck with worldly leela because of the broken mind castle. To absorb life in absolute silence and meditate fully is what I see as my living. Music and celebration is life to me.

"Religiousness is something very delicate and invisible to materialistic minds. To seek the unknown just to understand that it is not reached by seeking but living our life very naturally and allowing it to blossom itself."

Universal Harmony

A help due to sympathy between a two living bodies is a form of complex(I m better than you), but a help happening due to love spontaneously is a universal union, a meditation and living. There is no giver or receiver, like a body or a system transfer of energy from excess point to point of necessity, to keep system functioning effectively. One who is in deep touch with natural harmony will realize it consciously.


I wasn't aware even their in their presence with innocence was a lot of learning. I am really blessed to be very near to masters when my mind was still uncorrupted. Those experience and words of masters are guiding me to survive in the world operated by people who are running madly after something which never exists.


Meditating in open air, under moon light, with silence of river flowing and slight drizzle. Every moment has to pass with full awareness as its filled with numerous snakes and poisonous insect. No entertainment absolutely even sitting under tree was so absorbing. A day in such a place is worth thousands of safe days in society passing on without awareness and just dreaming.


I have talked about myself and how I feel regarding my sannayas in my interview at Speak Bindas. It might help people to understand what Sarath is up to. Someday I will be picked up by the master if its time for me.


Contact Details
Currently at
Osho Dhyan Sagar Meditation Center
Osho Upvan, Umda Road
Bhilai 3
District : Durg
Chhattisgarh : 49002
Residential address
B-31, "Subhiksha", Rail Nagar
Coimbatore - 641023
Tamil Nadu
Phone: +91 (0)422 241-2906
Mobile: 0979-059-8906
Mobile: 0942-410-0980
Skype: m.sarathchandar
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