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(aka Swamiji)

Born Dec 31, 1918, in Faridnagar near Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, he completed his BA, joined the government service and got married.

Later worked as the head of accounts at DCM.

After attending Osho's meditation camps he got initiated into Sannyas in 1971. After taking premature retirement to devote himself to the work of Osho he moved to the Pune Ashram and worked in the accounts department.

Osho sent him to Delhi in 1978 to start a meditation centre and the Rajyoga served as a meditation centre while he conducted meditation camps all over the north of India. The centre also started distributing Osho's discourses in the form of cassettes, and books for the northern part of India. In 1981, when Osho went to the United States, the centre began publishing a newsletter by the name of Rajneesh Buddhafield. The Rajyoga Meditation Center also started to publish books including several titles in Punjabi.

Swamiji then opened Oshodham, a meditation campus on the outskirts of Delhi. Then the Osho World Galleria at Ansal Plaza, was opened making Osho available in one of the happening places in Delhi followed by the website www.oshoworld.com and the publication of monthly magazines.

Swamiji claimed to have become enlightened on May 21, 2001 and left his body Mar 27, 2003.

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