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(Ulrich Schröder)


Sax-, Flute- and Bansuri- player Praful is a native German who chose Amsterdam as his home base in the late 80's. Over the last 2 decades he has emerged himself in Jazz, Dance, TripHop, Latin and West African Music and especially in the musical cultures of Brazil and India (where he met Osho in 1992). He has recorded and shared the stage with numerous artists and bands: Project 2000, Bayuba Cante, Societe ‚ tous les Couleurs, Dave Koz, Gerardo Rosales, ElectroCÙco, Lilian Vieira (Zuco103), Jonathan Butler, Maneesh de Moor, Deva Premal and Miten, Marc Antoine, Nippy Noya, Armando Peraza, Ravi, Jazzjuice, Good Move, Hardsoul, DJ Maestro and many more. With 'Project 2000' he was decorated with the Dutch Heineken Crossover Award.

In 2001 he signed his first solo artist deal with Therapy Records and released the album 'One Day Deep', produced by him together with Adani & Wolf. Launched in the USA on Dave Koz's label Rendezvous Entertainment from LA, Praful was embraced as "Jazz-Debut artist of the year 2003" (The Wave, LA) and "The breath of fresh air in America's Contemporary Jazz". The album stayed in the US American Billboard chart for 70 weeks, scored a #1 radio hit with the first US-single SIGH and sold more than 100.000 copies worldwide. Developing further his warm and original crossover between Jazz, Electronica and WorldMusic, Praful released 'Pyramid in your Backyard' in 2005.

Fluent in 7 languages, Praful is a true world citizen who loves and seeks the (musical) meeting and communion with humans from all colors, cultures and religions. His albums are released in North America, Europe and Asia and Praful has performed with his Band as well as other projects all over Europe, in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Ecuador, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Contact Details

Mystic Productions
Phone (bus): +31 (0)299 429-173
Fax (bus): +31 (0)299 429-173
1993 : Fragments of Truth
1999 : Touched by Love
2003 : One Day Deep
2003 : Nirvana Lounge, Vol 2
2005 : Pyramid in Your Backyard
2007 : Remixed + 2
2009 : Where Spirits Live
2012 : we are one (Red Fulka)
2018 : Nothing is All
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