Sw Prem Ambara

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(legal name?)

The Dadu Gang building Rabiya Dairy Barn in the middle of Winter.
L to R :
Sw Niket (English Vet), Sw Deva (Raj?) (American plumber), Sw Kerry (Australian - dryland farmer for Dadu), Ambara (4th from left, stogie in hand), Sw Anand Saten, Sw Arpitam (Dadu from Nebraska), Ma Yoga Nirmal (in hat - Canadian - ran Dadu with Sw Neehar), Sw Manshar (Australian - Dadu I think), Sw Gabriel (Gabby - Italian - plumber)

Ambara drowned in a boating accident early in the ranch days. He was 29, was from Canada and had been a guard in Pune One. One little-known item of interest in his brief journey through the sannyas firmament is that he took sannyas from Osho's hand in Pune but no record was kept of that event or of Osho's words to him, in a darshan diary or anywhere else. He took this as a sign of a non-entitiness, though he wasn't entirely comfortable with that.