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(Prem Sephton)

Jiri Jiri is set on Mevlana's large country estate

Bhaven creates unique floor standing Amphora inspired vessels carved from large boles of Camphor Laurel. The large scale of these elegant timber vessels lend an impressive and positive contribution to the space in which they exist. The vessels are tactile and work well where the presence and warmth of timber are required and contrast well with stone, glass and tile. As well as being light weight and easy to manage, they view well from a distance and can compliment larger spaces. Each unique piece is signed and dated. The vessels are carved with an even wall thickness from a single log and finely finished with oil and beeswax. Bhaven has developed special tools and techniques to achieve what are perhaps the largest pieces of their kind available.

Contact Details

Jiri Jiri
14/42 Bilin Road
Myocum NSW 2482
(near Mullumbimby)
Phone: +61 (0)2 6684-4112
Sculpted timber art forms by Prem Sephton
Jiri Jiri
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