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(Volodya Asriev aka Sw Prem Volodya)

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Rajneeshpuram in Mandir: Bhavito, Osho, Vivek
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"My Poona 1 Sannyas name was Sw Prem Volodya. I've asked for a new name in Rajneeshpuram and was given Bhavito. Most British sannyasins remember me as Volodya."

Bhavito played the violin in a couple of morning Satsangs in Poona 1 and he played in the Rajneeshpuram band at Satsangs, Darshans and other Celebrations from March 1984 throughout 1985. He was also one of the musicians who regularly played at the World Media Interviews with Bhagwan.

Around 1985, there were lots of concerts with Osho's satsangs, that had only instrumental music, no songs. We asked him about those instrumental pieces: did they have names ? This is what he said on August 13, 2019:

"I think the names were given only to the songs at Darshans. We would just give a general name to each instrumental on the list i.e. the Gypsy 1, the Greek 2 etc. All those tunes were composed and rehearsed on the day with just a couple hours to arrange everything before the start. "

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1985 : 1985-07-06 Master's Day Satsang ~ The Benediction of Now
1985 : 1985-07-06 Master's Day Darshan
1985 : Mevlana Bhagwan: Compilation of Darshan Music 1983 - 1985
1985 : Flight of the Dawn
1985 : The Original Face
1986 : Basho's Pond
1991 : No Goal But The Path
1991 : Kora Colours
1992 : Tribal Gathering
2016 : Rarities

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