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(Robert Hillmann aka Bob Hillmann)


Took Sannyas Dec 24, 1975

"Samvada means dialogue and prem means love -- a dialogue of love. And I give it to you for certain purposes. All that is beautiful you will attain through deep relationships, mm? -- with people, with nature. If you can find a dialogue, then you will attain much.
A dialogue is not a discussion. A discussion is a fight; a verbal, intellectual fight. A dialogue is a deep sympathy, a deep rapport with the other person, so that sooner or later you start flowing with the energy of the other. Then the other is no more the other, and you are not fighting; you are cooperating, helping the other to be himself. You remain yourself and the other remains himself, and there is a deep meeting -- not an argument.
Samvada -- it is one of the most beautiful words.
And dialogue is a very very deep love, sympathy, rapport. With somebody you suddenly feel love and you start flowing. It is illogical, but it is very meaningful."
(Osho, Hammer on the Rock, ch 11)

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1978 : Bhagwan
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