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(Francesco Gatti MA)

Chetna & Swaram
I was born in Italy and received a standard catholic education. I came across Osho in my late teens. At that time, I was going through an existential crisis and just embarked on my academic journey, eager to find answers to my burning questions on the meaning of life. Religion, psychology and politics had already failed to satisfy my quest, philosophy was my last hope. During those days I was particularly troubled by the issue of violence. I was wondering how to live in a peaceful world if anger and violence were right inside of me. Then one evening, in the most unusual place – an alternative social centre in Rome – I stumbled upon a guy selling books. The guy set up a very small stand and the peculiar thing was that all the books were from the same author: Osho. I was certainly not in the mood for books (in fact I was quite stoned), but felt an unconscious pull towards that stand. I got attracted by the smallest booklet available, titled “The philosophy on non-violence”. Philosophy and violence: the two main issues that were keeping me awake at night. After reading few lines, I felt like Osho was talking through me. Osho had the magical ability to give form to my deepest intuitions. Osho was articulating my confusion, bringing clarity and inspiration. Osho brought light to the darkest corners of my unconscious. That was the beginning of my love affair with Osho.
After that, I devoured few more books and the magical effect did not vanish. When immersing myself into Osho, I would enter an altered state of consciousness. The next step was looking for a place in Rome where to try his meditations. That was a wonderful time, experiencing Dynamic and Kundalini, watching Osho videos and mingling with the sannyasins and their ways. Then in the summer of 1999 I went for the first time to Poona to have the full-on experience. When back to Rome people told me that my face was different, my eyes bigger and were emanating a new light. I could not resist and in December of the same year I was back in Poona. I never wanted to take sannyas. I felt that I was already a sannyasin. In fact, when I attended for the first time the evening meditation in Poona and saw hundreds of people dressed in white robes and shouting Osho in unison, I definitely told myself: “I will never be part of this sect of fanatics - Osho I love you, but this is a step too far for me”. But in January 2000, just at the dawn of the new millennia, one day I woke up and in a state of trance I made my way to request sannyas. On 8 January 2000 it happened. I was called first and received a new name and a mala. I remember sitting down and tears started rolling uncontrollably down my cheeks. I had flashback of my life, running very fast on the screen of my mind, and the clear feeling that from that moment onward, I was to let it go and start afresh. I am immensely grateful to have Osho as my Master. Osho helped me take responsibility over my life, and turn my misery into enjoyment.
I hold a MA in Philosophy, a Diploma in Gestalt-Counselling, and I am a qualified journalist, a qualified school teacher and an independent blogger. I have worked for several years in Business Development in the City of London and Singapore.
I have spent long periods in a number of different ashrams in India and Nepal where I have learnt and practised various types of meditation, with particular focus on Osho Active Meditations.
Due to my professional involvement with the Health&Wellness industry, I have developed a keen interest in preventative health and tracking devices to measure the effect of lifestyle interventions on my body/mind.
I am passionate about sharing Osho's vision and inspire people to bring meditation into their life.

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