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(J. Jeffrey Bragg)


I received sannyas at the hands of Ma Anand Poonam at Medina Rajneesh in 1982. I stayed at Medina doing groups for an unforgettable month, surely one of the high points of my entire life. Just before arriving at Medina I did an introductory group at Kalptaru RMC in London with the incredible, beautiful Narendra and a one-night-stand energy event led by Sw Anand Somendra. Somendra literally knocked me flat on my ass without ever touching me, with his strange powerful energy channelling. All my life I have remembered that night, wondered about it and wanted to know more; but (typical of me I'm afraid) I never JUMPED, took the risk to turn my life upside down and go somewhere and find out all about it. So I missed out on Poona and the Ranch and remained in the sannyas diaspora. Nevertheless sannyas had a deep and lasting effect on me, wholly to my betterment I think.

I thank Rudra for this beautiful wiki facility for all of us. When I found the music section I was lost for an entire afternoon. I expect I'll be a constant visitor to those pages!

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