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(Craig Rice)

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As many of us can, I call myself Luck, Lucky, Lucky. After studying Psychology and participating in a few forms of therapy, I heard a voice telling me that I had gotten what i could from the other and now it was time to find a method that I could do by myself.

A deep relaxation happened and I waited. One day in May of 1973, I noticed a Volkwagen van parked in the driveway of a neighboring house. I went up to the door, which was partially open and looked in. On the couch was a reclining figure surrounded by a glow of light. I walked in and pulled the man up and as I sat down on the floor with him, "What have you been doing to get to where you are. I want you to show it to me," came out of my mouth. I had met my first Sannyasin. His name was Dharmananda. He had driven with his friend, Ramananda (Alexander Technique) from New York after their first time with Osho in 1973. Ramananda gave me a pamphlet called, "Flight of the Alone to the Alone." I took it home and began reading it. As I turned the first page and was reading down the second, one by one, lines of text started lifting off the page, arcing into my forehead. I had met Osho for the first time.

Thus began the blessed time I was given to spend with our Master. I flew to Bombay (Mumbai) over the New Year in 1974 and participated in the last Mount Abu Camp. After one more visit to Pune in 1975, I stayed in the Ashram from 1977 until He left for the US on June 1st 1981. ( I'm sure I'm not the only one who had to get Moses to bribe the Bombay Police so I could get out of the country). Then came the Ranch in 1983. One moment stays with me. The shit was beginning to hit the fan. It was summer and many of us would go to the dam to swim at lunch break. I swam out to the dock and after a dive off the platform, as I leaned up against the supports I saw in my head a 78 record spinning and noticed the still point where the hole was. And I got the message, "If you don't stay in the center you'll get spun off." And I remembered the only reason I was there was to be with my Master and that I had better forget about everything else or I would go into reactivity and get spun off the record.

Ramananda studied Psychology and Music as an undergraduate and Psychology in graduate school.
Sensing that there must be more to life beyond academia, he traveled to India in 1974 and began the study and practice of Meditation and the Esoteric Sciences.
In 1991, after 18 years of practice, he became a teacher of meditation. Having trained in Hypnosis he also began using it in his meditation and therapy sessions.
He studied with Ragini Michaels (a former student of Milton Erickson, M.D.)
Ramananda has been training with Hella Neumann, a long time student of Bert Hellinger. He also had the privilege of training this past year with Bert Hellinger, the Family Consellation Work founder.

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