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"I love how music can surround you and wrap you in its arms, how it can express things where words fall short.

Depending on where you are and how you feel, music can filter through to your heart and nourish the depths of your soul." Sambodhi Prem

I've released CDs on Malimba Records (USA) and Fønix Musik (Europe) and I've created music for the guided meditations of Maneesha and Anando

Recently I recorded a CD with Kalyan who plays the cello, it's called 'Cello Circles'

My music is also available from iTunes and CD Baby

Contact Details
New Zealand
Sacred Concerts
1988 / 1993 : A Taste of Tao
1991 : Mirror of the Sun
1994 : Rose Water Moon
1997 : Sunlight Rain River
2000 : NatureSpace
2000 : Relaxation Body Mind and Spirit
2001 / 2008 : Tuning Into the Moment
2003 : Reiki Forest
2004 : Heart Music
2004 / 2008 : Bubble of Joy
2005 : Reiki Ocean
2007 : Lake of Restfulness
2007 : One Hour Long Bird Song
2008 : Reiki Mountains
2008 : Cello Circles
2008 : Seven Waves of Knowing
2011 : Gaia's Garden
Opening the Inner Door

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