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(Legal Name)

Sirus & Shantana

"Since I became Osho’s disciple, I was certain that his vision ‘to live in communities instead of small families’ is the solution for mankind. From the very beginning of my journey with Osho 1981, I started to gather experience in different Osho Ashrams and centres: Vihan Berlin, Uta Köln, Humaniversity Holland, and Osho Parimal (8 years). I twice visited Rajneeshpuram, and made many more visits to the Osho Ashram in Poona. ...

After Shantana and me 1996 became to know each other, … we started to have meetings with many musicians artists and people interested in meditation but the space in Germany was not big enough. 1999 we moved from Europe to Goa/India and started again to create space for meeting of such people who are searching to find themselves. ...

Now we have 2 big platforms for groups and trainings, 16 luxury Bamboo Huts with attached bathroom cold and hot water, balcony and enough space for privacy 6m x 4m, a dormitory for 4 persons with outside bathroom."

Contact Details

Sirushan Homestay Guest House Pvt.Ltd.
770 New Wada Morjim
403512 Goa
Phone: +91 (0)832 322-1913
Mobile: 8806-111-063
1987 / 1989 : Nightingale Records - Sampler 2
1988 : No Dimensions
1990 : Mystery of Sound & Silence, Vol 1
1992 : In Wonder
1992 / 1996 : Mystery of Sound & Silence, Vol 3
1993 : Spiral Dance
1996 : Mystery of Sound & Silence, Vol 4
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