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(David A. Scotkin)


I have listened and read, carefully, to the masters throughout history, for 35 years. I have traveled the world on a journey of discovering my highest potential. Beloved Osho initiated me into Sannyas on October 1, 1981. This Music, Art, Poetry and Insights are inspirations from this journey with Osho and experiences throughout my life.

The music is recorded at my home studio with a 2011 Roland Fantom G8 Keyboard, IMAC Lion, Logic Pro, and Duet external audio card. All music is improvisational and spontaneous with minimal remixing.

Recordings: August 2011 to the present. There are currently 38 audio tracks to upload.

I am waiving copyrights to all audio and video tracks, art, poetry and insights, They may be uploaded at my website. The art, poetry and written words have been given to those who have touched my life. There is nothing for sale.

[ . . . ]

In Nov 2012, a month after his final edit of the above, Gitesh left his body behind for the Great Journey without it. His (ex-)wife Cynthia continues to maintain his website.

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David A. Scotkin - Sw Shivam Gitesh
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