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(Heinz Ackermann)


Shivananda is active as a painter, illustrator, musician, now living in Corfu. He has kindly allowed us to use his Songbook of Joyful Music about which he writes:

"I think I started to collect Osho songs around the time when Osho was on the World Tour (1986). I was writing the songs by hand in a book and illustrating it with paintings and drawings. Since many of my friends liked the book, I started to make copies.

Sufi Dance and the Music Group in the evening in Poona 1978 were actually the 2 major opening keys to Osho and Sannyas. They opened my heart and I remember that I was deeply touched and in tears to be part of this amazing energy. I have always been playing the guitar and singing since I was a child and hearing these songs I felt, that I had been waiting my whole life for this event. Since that time Osho songs became my music and it is still like this today. What I really liked that we could sing Hare Krishna and then Allah Allah, Hallelujah, Shalom or I Am Sailing from Rod Stewart with the same passion. All conflicts, race, belief and separation was melting in this overwhelming love and devotion to Osho - to Love - to Life. For me a dream came true.

Now 35 years later I still sing together with people all these songs. They still carry the magic and my heart is still touched singing them.

A few years ago I wanted to have the songs in a digital way and I compiled this book, which at this point is called Joyful Music. It is a personal selection of the songs I love to sing and I have been editing on an ongoing basis. I am happy that they fit your project. I think these songs are a treasure, which should spread as far as possible. They were born in love, devotion and passion and they are still fresh and alive. True evergreens."

May the love we share here spread its wings
and fly across the earth and sing
its song to everyone that is alive
may the blessings of your grace Osho
be felt by everyone
and may we all see the light within - within

(Shivananda, 2013)

Contact Details

Agios Georgios
Mobile: +30 6945-615-178 (Greece)
Mobile: +41 (0)794-324-817 (Switzerland)
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