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(Karl Peter Hille bka Sid Hille)


Born in Freiburg, Germany, in 1961, Sid finished high school in 1980. He traveled for several years, living in the United States and in India, until he settled in the Netherlands in 1986. He enrolled at the Utrecht School of the Arts in 1987. He studied piano, jazz improvisation and composition with Bert van den Brink, Jasper van't Hof, Willy Muller and Wim Witteman and graduated in 1993 as a Master of Music.

Since summer 1994 he has been living in Finland, where he was head of the jazz department at the Ostrobothnia Conservatory in Kokkola from 1994-2002.

Next to his reputation as a passionate and successful jazz eductator Sid has in recent years developed a good name as a performer, recording artist and producer as well.

In 2000 he published 13 Jazz pieces for piano, a book with a collection of his compositions for teaching purposes.

He has performed in solo concerts and with his quartet on festivals and tours through Finland, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In various other bands and settings he has toured and played in most European countries, in India and the USA.

As a composer Sid has been successful with big band compositions, chamber music and film music.

In 2008 he won the first prize at the international composition competition Scrivere in Jazz in Sardegna, Italy. The International Society of Contemporary Music (ISCM) chose one of Sid's bigband compositions to be performed at the World New Music Days 2010 in Sydney, Australia.

His music for the film Heartbeats (2010) was nominated for the Finnish Film Prize, and his suite Promenades was nominated for 'Best composition of 2010' on the national broadcast YLE.

Sid has played weekly solo piano recitals in Helsinki's famous Temppeliaukio Church since 2002.

Next to his love for music he has been interested in meditation and philosophy. He started practising Yoga at the age of thirteen and in 1981 met Osho. The 1997 recording Deep North - The Quiet Place is a hommage to the times he has spent in Osho's commune.

Contact Details

Sahaajankatu 20 D 3
00880 Helsinki
PO Box 93
00331 Helsinki
Sid Hille
1991 : How Beautiful This Mystery
1991 / 2007 : Global Heart, Native Soul
1992 : In Wonder
1993 : Songs of Awakening
1993 : Dunjin’s Dance
1993 : Fragments of Truth
1995 : Lion's Roar
1995 : Shadow of Light
1996 : Laughter of the Buddhas
1997 / 2007 : Deep North – The Quiet Place
1997 : To Be Frank
1998 : Trusting the Silence
1998 / 2008 : Reflections
1999 : For What You Are Is Never Seen
2000 : Platypus
2000 : Movin
2001 : Inner Voices
2001 : Inner Peace
2003 : Gestalt
2005 : Satsang
2006 : Prinsessa, joka tahtoi nauraa
2006 : Lotus Paradise
2007 : Life@Play
2008 : Rite of Passage
2008 : Reflections
2008 : Come Hear. Finland 2008
2009 : DiSiSiD
2009 : Time Freeze
2009 : Fugain
2010 : Speira
2011 : One – Soundscapes by Sid Hille
2011 : Daydreams
2011 : Competition Winners
2012 : The Zen Connection
2013 : Time Continuum
2014 : In the Picture
2004 : Mahdollisuus (What If)
2005 : Sounds and Situations
2007 : Ikiomaksi (Very Own)
2007 : Private Pool
2009 : Big Band Talks
2010 : Kohtaamisia (Heartbeats)
2012 : A Room for One
2012 : Tähtitaivas talon yllä (Stars Above)
1993 : The Osho Song Book
2000 : 13 Jazz pieces for piano
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