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(Carlo Silvestro)


Sarjano was born in Italy. As a music photo-journalist in London, he had his first exposure to the mysteries of the East in the form of a spontaneous experience of dancing in Kathak (Indian) fashion to Indian music heard for the first time, moved by he knew not what. This pointed him eventually towards Osho's ashram in Poona One, where he was a photographer, pursuing his previous career, and cook, opening an Italian-style cafe at Osho's request. Decades later, he was still running an Italian ristorante in Vagator, Goa, called Buon Appetito but recently (2016) he is said to have moved back to Rome. Along the way he has translated many of Osho's books into Italian and been the author of three books, Food Is Home (aka Food Is Love); 491 Questions and Not a Single Answer (Italian title Dalla Separazione All’Amore, = "From Separation to Love"); and his long-awaited memoir, When a Real Lion Meets a Real Master.

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1979 : L'incanto d'arancio
2005 : Food Is Home
2011 : Dalla Separazione All’Amore
2016 : When a Real Lion Meets a Real Master
1983 : Estasi: Il linguaggio dimenticato
1983 : La rivoluzione interiore
1986 : Il libro arancione
1992 : Perché dovrei affliggermi ora?
2007 : Una perfetta imperfezione
2009 : Le onde e l'oceano
2009 : Il segreto

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