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(Carlo Silvestro)

Sarjano was born 1943 in Italy. As a music photo-journalist in London, he had his first exposure to the mysteries of the East in the form of a spontaneous experience of dancing in Kathak (Indian) fashion to Indian music heard for the first time, moved by he knew not what. This pointed him eventually towards Osho's ashram in Poona One, where he was a photographer, pursuing his previous career, and cook, opening an Italian-style cafe at Osho's request. Decades later, he was still running an Italian ristorante in Vagator, Goa, called Buon Appetito but recently (2016) he is said to have moved back to Rome. Along the way he has translated many of Osho's books into Italian and been the author of three books, Food Is Home (aka Food Is Love); 491 Questions and Not a Single Answer (Italian title Dalla Separazione All’Amore, = "From Separation to Love"); and his long-awaited memoir, When a Real Lion Meets a Real Master.

He died in Rome Apr 2, 2024.

It is worth noting that the name "Swatantra" as a "family" or "type" name is highly unusual. Osho explains in his sannyas darshan below, from Don't Bite My Finger, Look Where I'm Pointing, ch 2:

Swatantra means freedom, Sarjano means creativity. Freedom is true only if it creates. Creativity is the indication of a true freedom, and creation is true only if it comes out of freedom. Creativity without freedom is not true creativity, it is imitation, it is borrowed. It can be very skillful, it can be technically perfect, but something essential will be missing in it: the soul will be missing.
There are creative people who are not free, who have not known the freedom of no-mind. They simply go on repeating; all that they do is more or less a new combination of old things. The wine is old, the bottles new. Maybe there are mixtures of many wines -- something from here, something from there. It appears as if it is new; it is not. It is only a combination, it is not a creation; it is a composition, not a creation.
There are people who are free but not creative; their freedom is dead. There are people who sit in the Himalayan caves and have known something of the silence, of the interior, but they are not creative; their freedom is not true. They are also imitating the state of no-mind. They are sitting like a Buddha practising a posture. It is only a gesture, there is nothing behind it. Sitting in their Himalayan caves they are simply vegetating.
So to me these two words are of immense value, and they go together; in fact they cannot exist separately. They are like yin-yang, day-night, summer-winter, the positive and the negative; they are always together. Whenever one is there, the other must be there somewhere, has to be there. Seeking one, one finds both; losing one, one loses both. So let this be my message for you....
Feel at home -- this is your home! Forget, the past, let it simply disappear. From this moment think anew, feel anew. This is your second birth, and without the second the first is incomplete. The second is the true birth, but one has to be very receptive to allow it tc happen. Immense changes are on the way; just be receptive and every day things will be happening.
A great energy is being released here; those who can be receptive are fortunate. If somebody misses, it is only he who is responsible. If he remains closed there is no way to penetrate him. The spiritual energy cannot be aggressive energy; it cannot even knock on your door. It simply waits like sunlight: if you open the door it comes in; if you don't open the door it does not knock, it does not force. It is not like wind in that it knocks and tries to enter. It is like sunlight: it simply waits there, it has infinite patience. And only those who are capable of opening up to it are benefited. Then there is great celebration, great rejoicing happens inside. For the first time one knows what life is.
So just be open, and allow things to happen.

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1979 : L'incanto d'arancio
2005 : Food Is Home
2011 : Dalla separazione all'amore
2016 : When a Real Lion Meets a Real Master
as translator of Osho's books
1983 : Estasi: Il linguaggio dimenticato
1983 : La rivoluzione interiore
1986 : Il libro arancione
1992 : Perché dovrei affliggermi ora?
2007 : Una perfetta imperfezione
2009 : Le onde e l'oceano
2009 : Il segreto

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