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I stumbled upon it one fine afternoon in Osho’s commune in Poona; it was a different way of being, totally opposite to what goes on in the normal world. I was always looking to do the man-woman thing differently; relationships seemed not to work for me. I am not saying that now relationships started to work, only there was an essential quality added which finally got me really very interested in women! And that was the unmistakable quality of the good woman. A good woman is not “goody goody”; she is more of a rebel, with a lot of spunk! Like I said before: it is beyond good and bad...she had a great mysterious quality. Although the term “good woman” makes it sound as if it is a fixed personality trait, it is not. This “goodness” can be dropped or it is lost easily. Socrates is reported to have said: “if a man can find a good and beautiful woman he is certainly lucky” and Osho apparently said: “a good woman is very difficult to find”. So two great Masters, ancient and modern, have spoken a true word…the good woman is rare and far between. That’s because it is such a stretch away from our normal functioning, it is almost by accident that a woman stumbles upon the Goodness Energy, or that I stumbled upon it! And in finding it, by accident or by effort, one is transformed.
I have always wondered how nobody (no sannyasins anyway) has ever mentioned the "good woman", or I like to call it "the Goodness Energy" in general, in reference to Osho and His People. I had never heard of the good woman and certainly never experienced her before I became a sannyasin and heard Osho talk about it. The first time I experienced her was in a group in 1981 when I was just 20 or so. That type of woman changed my life forever and I would always look for that quality in women in Poona, Oregon and also in the World and it was always extremely difficult to find unfortunately! Osho only mentions it casually and I could see Vivek/Ma Prem Nirvano, His lifetime companion, had that goodness quality. Osho Himself was actually my inspiration, I saw it the first time in Him.
I discovered the Goodness quality for the first time in Osho…there was something in Him that was completely different from other people and I don’t mean his enlightenment or his being a master. This uniqueness was to become one of my guidelines of how to recognize the Goodness Energy in people and to love them for it! It actually makes a person uniquely himself as he is being more natural than others, so there is less of that mask created by society. Osho Himself has talked about good women and so on but has never made it central to His vision. Osho’s vision chiefly is to become more aware and conscious of oneself through meditation.

These are excerpts from my story of the Goodness Energy. I have now lived and tried to understand this for the past 33 years and how it works. For example I have understood it to be a circle with gaps in it, open to the world around, and it is a totally different way of life from living in the square of society with it's four cornerstones of Guilt, Ego, Fighting and Control! But so few people seem to get it or have the talent for it! Even cats get it!!

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