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(Adjmer Singh)

One of the most prominent authors of New Age music in the USA of the last 20 years, Shastro has so far published under his name more than 15 albums (see below) among which:

  • Zen Notes - Best Meditation album nominee at the 2000 New Age Voice Awards
  • Tantric Heart - Best New Age album nominee at the 2001 AFIM Awards
  • Reiki Offering - Winner for Best Reiki Music at the 2001 COVR Awards
  • Shamans' Healing - Winner for Best Healing album at the 2003 Visionary Awards

His music is nothing like relaxing music, combining the cultures of different countries. Spanish guitar, Indian bamboo flutes, African harps, rhythms of cymbals and flutes of South America - all with equal ease and beauty connects these ancient instruments into a compelling contemporary sound.

Shastro lived for several years in India with his spiritual master - Osho - where he had the opportunity to deepen his approach to meditation and to music. Later on he moved to the USA (Hawaii) where he created his music label Malimba Records, that distributes worldwide music for meditation, Yoga, Tantra, Reiki and the Healing Arts.

Recently Shastro is spending more time in Europe and Italy, his native country, where he dedicates himself to the presentation of his music meditations. During this event he offers an introduction talk on meditation followed by musical improvisations on Bansuri - the Indian bamboo flute - alternating with long periods of meditative silence.

As he explains:

"In this meditation we will use the sense of hearing as our entry door to the inner silence. When we listen attentively we naturally stop thinking because consciousness, that is now needed for the sensory perception, is removed from the mental process. In this way, with the help of music, we can enter naturally and effortlessly into that space of silence and inner calmness."

Shastro also holds classes for people who are approaching meditation and want to have a better understanding of it.

"To me Shastro represents the epitome of New Age Artists. His music is so gentle, sweet, and filled with light that to hear it is to smile and take a deep breath, no matter how tense and nervous you might be."

(Steve Ryals, Syndicated music reviewer)

Contact Details

1994 : Bandolè!
1996 : Shanay Mystic Trance
1997 / 2012 : No Dimensions
1998 : Shambala
1998 : Malimba Moon
1999 : Zen Notes
2000 : Tantric Heart
2001 : Oasis Night
2001 : Reiki Offering
2002 : Shamans' Healing
2004 : Earth Sutras
2009 : Body Healing
2013 : Be the Light
2014 : Lovers Night
2015 : Zen Moments
2017 : Satsang
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