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(Jamie St Clair)


Vidroha Jamie was born in 1955 in the USA, and trained in acting but abandoned this to explore meditation and personal growth with Osho in the late 70s.

Jamie first picked up a guitar at age 14. One of the first songs he learned was Blackbird, a hit by Paul McCartney from the famous White Album, a "fateful" choice which culminated in his playing, with Sw Prem Chinmaya, among others at (Sir) Paul McCartney's wedding.

Lots of other "typical" musician stories unfolded in the 80′s and then he was based for nine years in India, where he began developing his own unique guitar style and melodic compositions blended with softer jazz chords, influenced by meditation. He also began experimenting with the fusion of Western harmonies and Eastern melodic lines and scales and became interested in making music for meditation which contains and inspires the experience of silence and longing in the listener. During his stint in India he composed fifteen hour long dancing meditation pieces which were used to fuel the dancing meditations in 7 of the monthly three day meditation intensives at the Osho Resort in Pune. It was at this time he met Chinmaya, master of the Indian instrument Sarod, and the beginnings of the music known as Celtic Ragas was born. Jamie and Chinmaya have played together for over 13 years.

Jamie also maintains a graphic design business, gives Colorpuncture sessions and continues to compose his music. He is the author of two home learning courses, one teaching the basics of color therapy, and the other a mandala-making creativity course for self exploration and furthering creative expression.

Contact Details

Sublime Dezine Records
Boulder, Colorado, USA
Hamburg, Germany
Pune, India
Phone (US): +1 303 800 5447
Mobile (Germany): +49 (0)157 817 290 30
Jamie St Clair
Sublime Dezine Studio
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1994 : Behind the Veil
1996 : Lands of the Dawn
1998 : Celtic Ragas
2001 : Mystic India
2002 : Temples of India
2003 : Youth in Dub
2004 : Something For The Weekend...
2004 : Indo Reel
2011 : Infusion
All along the Watchtower
Sermons in Stones
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