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(Yashwant Deo aka Yashwant Dev aka स्वामी यशवंत देव)

On 28 July 2018, Shailendra writes about Yashwant :

Yashwant (स्वामी यशवंत देव) is a famous Marathi film music director. Now retired, he lives in Bombay.
He listened to Osho's speech and read Osho's books for the first time when Osho had left for the USA. He came to Rajneeshpuram and became a sannyasin.
Since then he has been writing songs on Osho, composing music, getting devotional BHAJAN cassettes published. He has been the music director in all Guru Poornima festivals in the Poona-2 days. A video made in July 1988 became very popular. Many songs of that album are already on the Wiki. A famous Tune -Tumhare Darshan Ki Bela- is made by him, he sung it in Osho's presence, before discourse also.
The album Buddha Within also has his contribution.
I feel it is important that his creative genius and devotion to Osho should be made available on the Wiki.

Yashwant took sannyas in 1984, a year after his marriage to his wife Karuna. "People criticized and ridiculed me but my wife stood by me," he said to Hindustan Times. At age 85 he won the prestigious Lata Mangeshkar Award, link below. He passed away at age 94 on Oct 30 2018, from chikungunya virus, a mosquito-borne illness.

1988 : 1988-07-29 Guru Poornima Keertan - में गुरु पूर्णिमा कीर्तन:
1989 : Buddha Within
1990 : 1990-07-08 Guru Purnima
1998?: The Essence
1999 : Tumhare Darshan Ki Bela (music album)
2007 : Osho Ke Deevaane (music album)
2013 : Osho He Osho (music album)
2013 : Samadhi Ki Jhankar (music album)

music CDs
Albums on Hungama
Songs on Hungama

1989 : Buddha Within
1998 : The Essence
1999 : Tumhare Darshan Ki Bela (music album) - तुम्हारे दर्शन की बेला
2007 : Osho Ke Deevaane (music album) - ओशो के दीवाने
2013 : Osho He Osho (music album)
2013 : Samadhi Ki Jhankar (music album)


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