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NB T.R.E.M.O. in the title is an acronym for Gyan Bhed's book, The Rebellious Enlightened Master Osho.

This page is an unusual "source document" in that it has not been compiled by the author of the original material. Gyan Bhed's book attempts to provide information covering the whole of Osho's life, but using the form and flavour of a novel. Nowhere are "just the facts" presented in the usual manner of source documents, so a wiki editor has boiled some of it down into the chronological bibliographic and historical data-oriented form below. The period covered is 1964 to 1974, plus a few morsels from Pune One.

T.R.E.M.O. is a condensation and translation of Gyan Bhed's Hindi magnum opus Ek Fakkar Masiha: Osho, with the 3600-page original reduced to (a mere) 600 pages. Neeten says in the Notes section of his Osho Source Book that "An intentionally comprehensive list of Osho’s unpublished lectures is included in the volumes III, IV and V. [That and] the books have been documented by his numerous visits to collectors in Jabalpur, Lucknow and elsewhere". Thus, the info below is far from complete and we can expect to find a major treasure trove when the full info becomes available to English speakers.

About the material itself, much of it has been corroborated by other sources but still a fair bit is clearly erroneous. (Details of all this are discussed page bottom.) Thus, to use it requires a bit of care. The ins and outs of sources relating to any given infobit are discussed in the relevant Talk pages but in some cases where there is no other source, Gyan Bhed's material has been added as simple but provisional facts to various years' Timeline pages. Such uncorroborated Timeline entries will be marked with a symbol (Q-Mark.jpg) and linked to this page, which researchers can use to better assess the reliability of the information.

The symbol ==> below indicates a non-specific "leading to", in gaps sometimes three months or longer.


Jun 3-8 Sri Muchhala Mahavir Ji, Ranakpur, 60 attendees
Sep 9 am: Tarabai Hall, Mumbai
Sep 9 pm: Amolak Amichand High School
Sep 10: Alankar Theatre
==> Pune, few days with Baphanas & Pungalia
==> Matheran camp
Letters to Sohan published in Antarveena then . . .
Dec 12-14 Gyan Satra in Jabalpur org by Lala Sunderlal


Jan 20-23 Gyan Satra in Mumbai org by Ishwar Bhai
Feb 2-? Ajol camp (Neeten's Osho Source Book also cites this camp but his source appears to be only T.R.E.M.O.)
==> Ahmedabad, Baroda
==> Delhi All-Saints Assembly re saintly hypocrisy re obscenity (ditto Neeten above)
Feb 12-15 Mahableshwar camp
==> Jabalpur
==> Pune (assembly of saints)
==> Gujarat (Ahmedabad, Baroda, Ajol etc)
Jul 25 Surendranagar (GJ), theme "Essence of Love"
==> All Religions Meet in Faridabad HR, big challenge of Shankaracharya, meet ending in shambles (ditto Neeten above)


May 14-17 Udaipur (3rd camp of Rajasthan), Bhuribai arrives on 15th, "book release" on 16th
==> resignation from Univ


Jul 1 SNDT Women's College, Matunga, Mumbai
Jul 10-12 Nandurwar
Jul 12 Jalgaon
Jul 13 Teachers Training College, Ajol
Aug 2 Gyan Mandir, Laskar, Gwalior
Aug 3-4 Madhav Ashram, Gwalior
Aug 4 Women's College, Murar, Gwalior
3-day camp at Ajol (1967 or 1968?)


May 2-5 Nargol camp org by Hemant Shukla, Shunyata ki Nao
==> Rajasthan
==> camps in GJ, MH, RJ, MP, DL, PB, HR, BR? (editor: they are Bihar (Patna), Delhi, Gujarat (Nargol, Junagadh, Porbandar, Bhavnagar, Baroda, Surendranagar), Madhya Pradesh (Indore), Maharashtra (Nagpur), Punjab (Jalandhar), Rajasthan (Udaipur). HR = Haryana or typo from HP (Himachal Pradesh)?, not identified. As per 25 Sep 2022: the Timeline 1968 has most complete picture of camps and events)
==> Sambhog Se Samadhi Ki Or (संभोग से समाधि की ओर) / From Sex to Superconsciousness
Sep 8 Baroda: "I am not anxious to bring a social revolution. I only want to put the seed so that the generation to come may bring a revolution".
==> Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jabalpur
==> Patna, Kolkata
Oct 30 Nargol camp
Dec 68 interview Mumbai Times of India
==> Ahmedabad


Feb 13-15 Baroda four talks includes one where a shoe thrown at Osho
Feb 16 Bombay U, "Students and Sex"
==> Nagpur, Nasik, Rajkot (this is error of translation. Vol 4 says "While preaching at two other places in Bombay, Acharya Shri returned to Jabalpur after satsang at Poona, Nasik and Nagpur, a lot of postal and savvy friends were waiting for him. And the same old routine began again. Each day morning-evening, Satsang, discourse. And meditation was held somewhere. The Acharya Shri met hundreds of people every day. He used to solve their personal problems, answer their questions, and ultimately try to awaken them. And on 23 February, he went to Gujarat again to start the sadhana camp, Junagadh.")
Feb 25-? Junagadh camp "Exploring Truth"
==> Ahmedabad, Jabalpur
Mar 20-? Matheran camp, "Sambhavnaon ki Aahat", launching of "Yukrant"
2nd World Hindu Conference in Patna, encounter with Shankaracharya
Sep 17 - Oct 2 Kashmir "Mahavir in My Opinion" org by Lala Sunderlal
Oct 5 Gandhi birth centennary Shaheed Smarak Bhavan, Jabalpur, big crits against Gandhi(sm) drove away Gandhian politicians (editor: date is incorrect, Osho was in a way back to Jabalpur and arrives on 6 Oct, see Letter written on 9 Sep 1969 (Ajit), Osho's Appointment Diary 1967-1970 (translated source document).)
==> same in Ahmedabad, land cancelled
Oct 28 - Nov 1 Dwarka camp, "I Teach Death", Nargol camp hinted at
Nov 25 Birla Kreeda Kendra, Mumbai, "Bahana aur Mritana" meditation given final form


May 2-5 Nargol camp, first mature form of Dynamic introduced
p 293 details of books published in Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi by ~Jun 1970
Jun 15 Q&A re Dynamic in Mumbai
Jun 28 farewell party in Shaheed Smarak Bhavan, Jabalpur, somewhat formal
Jun 29 farewell function with All India Medical Ass'n, moved to Mumbai that day
Jul 1 CCI Chambers more Q&A re Dynamic
. . . Jul 12 Jin Khoja Tin Paiyan
Jul 20 1st talk of Krishna Smriti
Aug 20-23 Ludhiana various venues (3rd time in Ludhiana, first two times = Aug 1970 [sic] and Mar 1970) Dynamic in pouring rain w 250 participants
==> Jalandhar, Baroda (3-day camp), Ahmedabad, Mumbai
Sep 1-5 Shanmukhanand Hall Mahavir Panch Mahavrat talks (Jyon ki Tyon Dhar Dinhi Chadariya)
Sep 26 - Manali camp, 1st Sannyas, Krishna Smriti cont'd
GB indicates that sannyas was spontaneous in this camp, Laxmi announcing opportunity the next day but with saffron clothes obligatory. Where to get such clothes in this isolated village? Laxmi had brought same + suggested any white clothes can be dyed.
GB also has Laxmi introducing the term Bhagwan in this camp, no more Acharya.
He also uses the term ascetic, asceticism etc for sannyas but at least has explained it is not in the old meaning.
He also relates 108 beads in mala to 108 methods of meditation, the 108 are explicitly NOT for japa.
He also reports explicitly after a talk about women being systematically excluded in all religions, "Sharmistha" is invited to be his first sannyasin -- not counting his nani, who attained buddhatva in 1967 (she had become an "ascetic" three days after Osho attained buddhatva).
He also reports Osho gave Dharmishtha / Madhu his gold watch, which had been given him by the Varanasi astrologer.

Sharmistha - [Ajol] - Ma Anand Madhu
Kumari Lakshmi - Bombay - Ma Yog Lakshmi
Kumari Bhagwati Adwani - Goregan - Ma Yog Bhagwati
Swami Kriyanand Saraswati – Swami Yog Chinmay
Kumari Pushpa Chhodan Di - Poona - Ma Yog Priya
Kumari Mangala Duggal - Poona – Ma Yog Yash
Kumari Meena Modi - Rajkot – Ma Yog Samadhi
Jasu Kothari - Rajkot – Ma Yog Prem
Sri Ranjit V. Parikh - Kalyan – Swami Anand Krishna
Sri Krishna V. Ringwala - Ahmedabad – Swami Anand Murti
Sri Swami Pragyanand - Bombay - Swami Anand Pragyan
Sri Babu Bhai Shah - Aazole - Swami Krishna Chaitanya
Sri Hasmukh Lal Rawal - Aazole – Swami Krishna Tirtha
Sri Harishchandra - Delhi - Swami Chaitanya Bharti
Sri Kam Bhai Shah - Kalyan - Swami Prem Murti
Sushree Zewre Shah - Bombay – Ma Krishna Karuna

GB also tells an amazing follow-up story to this first initiation. He writes: "Bhagwanshree initiated a woman first so that she could get back her lost glory and Ma Anand Madhu became the lucky one to avail that opportunity. Her husband [Babu Bhai Shah - Swami Krishna Chaitanya] had requested Bhagwanshree a lot that he should get the opportunity to become the first one to get initiation from Bhagwanshree. When it did not happen so, he became an enemy and began to live with Morarji Desai. Ma Anand Madhu was the niece of Moraraji Bhai and so he was angry with Bhagwanshree for giving initiation to her. When Morarji Desai became the Prime Minister of India, Ma Anand Madhu's husband tried a lot to send Bhagwanshree behind the bars but could not succeed".

Speaking of "behind bars", a further perfidy is alleged of Krishna Chaitanya / Babu Bhai by Laherubhai in his memoir Blessed Moments with Osho: Laheru says that Krishna Chaitanya destroyed one of the four reels of film that had been shot to make The Rising Moon (1988). A fuller account can be found there.

GB reports that when Osho came back to Mumbai, he talked about the new "asceticism" and from that point routinely 10-12 people at each gathering would take intitiation.
Nov 1-5 Mahavir Panch Mahavrat talks (Jyon ki Tyon Dhar Dinhi Chadariya)
Nov 10-17 Mahavir Panch Mahavrat talks (Jyon ki Tyon Dhar Dinhi Chadariya) in Cross Ground [Cross Maidan, Mumbai]
Nov 29 beginning of "Geeta Gyan Yajna" [Gita Darshan] in Ahmedabad


Jan 6 first meeting with foreign seekers as such
Jan 18 Shanmukhanand Hall talk re Osho's vision of "meditation temples" which have all facilities -- silence, athletic, input from all religions, science, etc
==> move from CCI to Woodlands
Feb 28, Mar 7, 10 and 12, Main Kehta Ankhan Dekhi
Apr 4- "one week" 1st Mt Abu camp, Ishavashya Upanishad, Tratak Meditation introduced, 4-500 attending, 51 took sannyas at end bringing cumulative total to 215
Apr 26 - Jul 10, Gahre Paani Paith
May 3-? "Restart of Geeta Gyan Yagya in Ahmedabad", 6th chapter of Bhagavad Gita, in which GB avers that the series Gita Darshan is getting called Geeta Gyan Yagya (by most people?), theoretically meaning Gita Philosophy, though this is actually what "Gita Darshan" means (among other things), and other sources have it elsewhere, not in Ahmedabad. Hmmm.
Jun 15 Tao Upanishad begins at Amrit Adhyayan Vartul (Immortal or Nectar Study Circle), on "Tao-The King".
end of Jul, a "delegation of Manav Sambhawana Andolan" met Osho and became very influential in spreading him back in the West. [Manav Sambhawana Andolan just means Human Potential Movement, so these were not a "delegation" as such, just influential therapists.]
More foreigners come, "Inward Revolution"
Aug 18 - Sep 4, Patkar Hall, Mahavir Vani Vol 1. GB does not say, but it was likely during this series that Osho's mother took sannyas. He describes that event in the previous chapter and says it was at Patkar Hall, but does not date it.
Sep 25 - one week, 2nd Mt Abu camp, Nirvan Upanishad, more attendees, ~165 took sannyas, including some police and judges and Ma Yoga Neelam.
Nov 5-21, "Geeta Gyan Yagya" in Ahmedabad again, on Chap 7-10 of Gita, 100's took sannyas.


Jan 8 - one week Matheran camp, Sarvasar Upanishad, Osho spoke for 1 hour in Hindi, 45 min in English
Feb - Aug Bombay Atma Pooja Upanishad, Ultimate Alchemy, spoken in English, not precisely dated
Mar 25 - 3rd Mt Abu camp Kaivalya Upanishad, "Like the earlier camps here", Osho encouraged meditators to drop their clothes if they felt to.
Aug 22 Palm Beach School, Mumbai, answers question, "Why do you call yourself Bhagwan?" Date is the same as another talk in Mumbai, may not be an issue.
Oct 1 Osho starts commentary on Vigyan Bhairav Tantra, "The Book of Secrets"
Oct 13-21 4th Mt Abu camp, Adhyatma Upanishad, 700 attendees, 150 took sannyas including Osho's uncle Shikar Chand
VBT series resumed into Nov
"Geeta Darshan" resumed in open at Churchgate in Mumbai up to Dec 10


Jan 3-14 Geeta 11th canto at "Cross Ground", 8-10,000 people
Feb 9-"8 days" Anandshila camp, on Mme Blavatsky's "famous book, Seven Portals of Samadhi". GB also writes of the camp that there was little advance publicity but 550 people came. Some of them climbed the "Trimurti Hills" and found an "idol" sculpted centuries earlier which looked just like Osho. And the land was donated by Sw Anand Sagar (Praveen Bhai) + Ma Anand Saroj, some 40 miles from Kalyan, and work after the camp was over to develop the land had to stop "due to some hurdle created by the government and some legal impediments".
Apr 6-14 5th Mt Abu camp, the one where the state gov't had imposed a ban on nakedness. Talks based on Mabel Collins' "Light on the Path".
Jul undated 6th Mt Abu camp, 800 attendees almost half foreigners, talks were on Kathopanishad "The Supreme Doctrine" in English and Hindi
Oct 5 7th Mt Abu camp attendees > 1000, 340 took sannyas including Madan Kunwar Parikh, total now > 8000, talks on Kathopanishad [again?, but this time on death]
Dec 25 began Yoga the Alpha and Omega, and after the first Vol ...


==> "Vedanta - Steps to Samadhi" on Akshay Upanishad
During Chapter 15 of Gita Darshan, it is announced that Osho will be moving to Pune Mar 21. Ma Mukta (Onasis family) has donated 10-12 acres of land with big house. Better climate, healthier, less crowded, less expensive but people in Mumbai not happy that he will be leaving.

Notes on Inaccuracies

A few infobits have been extracted from T.R.E.M.O.'s coverage of the more familiar Pune One era to illustrate the need for a conservative use of its data:

8 days after he moved to Pune - Apr 6, 1974 "started discussion on" Gita Darshan Vol 15 & 16 [15 was already concluded in Mumbai]
Jul 21 [1974] "Bin Paani Bin Tel" (without water, without oil) started [actually started Jun 21 and it was Bin Bati Bin Tel (without wick and without oil), Kabir's phrase referring to the inner lamp which needs no fuel and gives light continuously]
Oct 19, 1976 - Osho's father Dadaji takes sannyas [was actually in Oct 1975]
Mar 21 (presumably 1977) Buddha Hall "ready" for use, begins series 4 of Dhammapad of Buddha's sayings. [Description of Hall sounds like late Pune Two / Pune Three version.]
Nov 28, 1978 begins Sahaj Yog series [actually started Nov 21]
Sep 5, 1978 Dadaji enlightened, leaves his body, day celebrated as Sambodhi Diwas (Enlightenment Day) [actually was Sep 8, 1979, and called Mahaparinirvana Day]

Some of GB's once-perceived one-day inaccuracies regarding camp end-dates are likely not errors but a different style of reckoning. For example, he might say that a camp began on Oct 2 and ran for three days; the wiki might then have taken this to mean that the camp ran from Oct 2-4 but seeing this happen more than a few times, it seems more likely that GB meant Oct 2-5, ie that "three days" meant three days after the start-date which was not a "day", just an evening.

A variety of unusual notions occur around Gita Darshan, so much you have to wonder about GB's sources. He has talks for a number of volumes given in Ahmedabad, whereas only one, the first, was actually given there. And his dates are fairly incoherent. Moreover, his GD info is far from complete. As other sources are relatively complete and in near agreement on these matters, his input has not been integrated into the discussion at this important mega-series' talk page.

One other area worth mentioning here which is still up in the air is the intersection of Mahaveer: Meri Drishti Mein and Sambodhi Ke Kshan. Many sources including Gyan Bhed have the Mahavir camp beginning on Sep 17 1969. So far so good. Gyan Bhed (and Neeten's Osho Source Book, which may have sourced from him on this) also have Osho in Kashmir for some days before the camp for some rest and recreation but there are sources giving a Sep 14 date for talks in Sambodhi. So something doesn't work there, a knotty area that remains to be sorted out.