TROS Aktua 1985-09-30 - Ex-secretaresse Bhagwan onthult malafide praktijken (1985)

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TV documentary in the series "Aktua" by Dutch public broadcaster TROS. Interview with Ma Anand Sheela, directly after leaving Rajneeshpuram, on the German island of Juist.
(Possibly the footage of the interview was aquired from another TV station. The interviewer seems not Dutch, possibly American.)
Part of the Sheela interview:
About her fear of being assassinated: "Things I know, the wealth of information I have, inside information I have, that puts me in danger".
Commentator: Sheela says she left the commune because of drugs, used to coerce sannyasins to give up their belongings to Bhagwan, often a lot of money.
Sheela: "They were using that drug to manipulate people. It was individually. I don't believe Bhagwan told them to do it. I don't believe that. But they were doing it in name of Bhagwan. And eh, there was a, when I found out how they were using it and manipulation it, manipulating sannyasins, innocent people, and I knew there was no way of reconciliation with these people, because these were the same people who were providing money for the cars. So I knew I was not gonna get support from Bhagwan. And when I knew I was not gonna get the support from Bhagwan, to stop it, (then) I said I must leave."
Commentator: And with Sheela some 20 Sheela-loyalists left the commune in Oregon.
In the commentator's text, it is also suggested that:
she was the lover of Bhagwan
that her Swiss husband has, no doubt, entry to the millions on Swiss bank accounts, paid for by Bhagwan-communes all over the world
they don't wear red anymore because they are afraid of an attempt on their lives by sannyasins
Dutch, English with Dutch subtitles
Aired 1985 September 30
7 min

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OshoFilmArchive catalog no : OFA00,098


Beeld & Geluid

This program at Dutch national media archive Beeld & Geluid.
Title: TROS Aktua
ItemID: LTI193456_POS54155435
Length: 0:06:58
Long Summary
INTERVIEW tijdens een huifkartocht met Ma Anand Sheela, de ex-secretaresse Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, over haar angst vermoord te worden vanwege haar kennis van de organisatie en de malafide praktijken van Bhagwan. Toen ze ontdekte dat sanyassins gedwongen werden onder invloed van drugs hun bezittingen af te staan aan Bhagwan, besloot zij met een groepje vrienden de beweging te verlaten.
Tussendoor een kort gesprek met Catherine, een jong meisje, dat blij is dat ze de ashram heeft verlaten.

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