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Most of the rest of the names and info we have about people who took sannyas from Osho in this form has come in the form of name-papers collected and shared by Sw Satya Anuragi.

name-papers comments
Sadhu Amrita Bodhidharma, 1971, Swami Amrit Bodhidharma, 1976 Sw Amrit Bodhidharma, Marathi Publications, mostly Osho called him by his old name Punglia
Ma Yoga Krishna, Sep 1971 A presumed-typical "upgrade"-type paper wherein the first "Sadhvi Yoga Asheesh" is crossed out and changed to Ma Yoga Krishna
Sadhvi Yoga Shanta, Sep 1971 A presumed-rare example of someone who first took "regular" sannyas, as Ma Yoga Bhadra, then "downgraded". The name-paper has her first name crossed out and replaced with the new.
Sadhu Amrita Viveka, Sep 1971 A simple Sadhu name-paper, nothing else known
Sadhu Jnana Dharmananda A simple Sadhu name-paper. Nowadays, "Jnana" would be more commonly transliterated as "Gyan" or "Gyaan"
Sadhu Yoga Bharat, Mar 1972 Bharat did eventually upgrade to Sw Yoga Bharat exactly four years later in Pune, getting a new name-paper then.
Sadhu Divyanand, Apr 1973, Swami Narottam Bharti, 1976 Osho's host in Surendranagar
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