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We cannot know at this point how well this one edition from Dynamic corresponds to previous or original editions. There is an e-book, found at Osho World. It has only 81 pages. Those e-books usually have somewhat fewer pages, but not usually so many fewer. Perhaps print and page size account for the rest of the difference.

This e-book has no date or location info, nor chapter numbers. Below are chapter titles and e-book page numbers where they were found fwiw. It will be noticed that two of the chapters are relatively long; it is possible that one or two chapter beginnings were missed, as signs are few, so there may be one or two more unheralded chapters. -- doofus-9 (talk) 23:40, 18 December 2014 (PST)

1975 ed. Dynamic 2000, Shailendra's PDF Osho World PDF Source of compilation
1. जिज्ञासा का लोक 1. विसर्जन की कला- जिज्ञासा का लोक 1. जिज्ञासा का लोक Amrit Ki Disha (अमृत की दिशा), ch.1
2. विसर्जन की कला 2. धैर्य की कला 2. विसर्जन की कला Upasana Ke Kshan (उपासना के क्षण), ch.2
3. प्रेम की सुगन्ध 3. प्रेम की सुगन्ध 3. प्रेम की सुगंध Amrit Ki Disha (अमृत की दिशा), ch.2
4. आलोक का दर्शन 4. आलोक का दर्शन 4. आलोक का दर्शन Amrit Ki Disha (अमृत की दिशा), ch.2 + Sakshi Ki Sadhana (साक्षी की साधना), ch.1
5. एक सीधा सत्य 5. एक सीधा सत्य 5. एक सीधा सत्य Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार), ch.4

It seems this book is not first edition, according to links of sources above (see also Shifting content in Hindi books (source document)). But full picture will be when we will get years of first published Amrit Ki Disha (अमृत की दिशा), Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार) and Upasana Ke Kshan (उपासना के क्षण).

There (in the table above) was missing ch.4 for OW TOC, which starts from page 55. Added.

Shailendra mentions two TOC, one - 2000 Dynamic edition, another - incorrect TOC of OW with 4 chapters (as i think).--DhyanAntar 07:41, 14 December 2018 (UTC)

Checked and found results:

ch.1 (publ.Om RDKP) is ch.1 of Amrit Ki Disha (अमृत की दिशा) (Star 1976): although at least beginning is edited;
ch.2 (publ.Om RDKP) is ch.2 of Shailendra's PDF Upasana Ke Kshan (उपासना के क्षण): although beginning is left out, text is edited sometimes and there are some omissions;
ch.3 (publ.Om RDKP) is ch.2 of Amrit Ki Disha (अमृत की दिशा) (Star 1976) : Anand Ganga version has on 3,5 paragraphs more, which missing in AKD;
first part of ch.4 (publ.Om RDKP) (before p.107) is ch.3 of AKD (Star 1976);
second part of ch.4 (publ.Om RDKP) (from p.107) is ch.1 of Sakshi Ki Sadhana (साक्षी की साधना) in Shailendra's PDF (except last, 10th, page - talk after meditation).
ch.5 (publ. Om RDKP) is ch.4 of Anant (Shailendra's PDF), see Talk:Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार) for info on an event.

updated.---DhyanAntar 11:58, 2 November 2020 (UTC)

Checked and updated above table. All sources checked by their text except Dynamic 2000, which is unavailable for me.--DhyanAntar 04:31, 5 March 2021 (UTC)