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As free downloads, all ten audios are available in a number of places, but audiobooks for sale are offered only by Osho World and, and those both have only these four discourses:

प्रवचन (TOC):
1. क्या आपके द्वार खुले हुए हैं?
2. धर्म भय पर खड़ा नहीं हो सकता
3. विश्वास, श्रद्धा और विचार
4. वस्त्र आपकी पहचान तो नहीं?

The bumpf from OW indicates the four talks were given in Surat. The other six? ¿Quien sabe? E-book has no further data but is long and complete, ie ten discourses. -- Sarlo (talk) 20:10, 8 July 2014 (PDT)

Antar Ki Khoj 1-4 D&P.jpg

Dates and Places info from Jagdish is a bit crowded with info on another series, Talk:Agyat Ki Or (अज्ञात की ओर), but doable. So be it.

1. 28 Jun 1967 am Naginchand, Surat
2. 28 Jun 1967 pm
3. 29 Jun 1967 am
4. 30 Jun 1967 am

All presumed to be in Surat, especially since the bumpf has four talks there and Agyat's talk is. -- doofus-9 06:23, 31 December 2018 (UTC)

To be perfectly clear, the "other series", Agyat, has only one talk at present in this time frame, and it fits decently, without a struggle, on 29 Jun 1967 pm. We now also have partial info from Manuscripts ~ Reports Timeline Extraction#B Sheets (B-1 to B-13V) indicating at least three talks in Surat 28-30 Jun (without specifying titles). It looks like four talks in Surat is pretty believable. About the ten talks, it is certainly more complicated and messier, but there is a source ... See below for more. -- doofus-9 07:14, 24 June 2019 (UTC)

media status

There are 10 audios at OshoWorld. has 4 with this title. From the duration, these could correspond to OW's #03 - #06. also has 4 titled Anand Ki Khoj (आनंद की खोज), these could correspond to this series #01, #02, #09 and #10.

Furthermore, there also seems to be a relation with Satya Ka Darshan (सत्य का दर्शन): see Talk:Jeevan Kranti Ke Sutra.

It needs to be researched what is what. --Sugit (talk) 12:25, 5 December 2018 (UTC)

Shifting content in Hindi books (source document) has a good account of the 4/10 discrepancy in this funny series, how each of its chapters are connected to other books. It seems reasonable to accept that the four chapters which remain in Antar are the four above given in Surat, and the others ...

Anand Ki Khoj is mentioned above. Its four chapters are linked in "Shifting content" to the four mentioned of Antar's chapters. And Antar's ch 7 is the same as Satya ch 6, leaving only Antar ch 8, which is the same as Jeevan Ki Kala (जीवन की कला) ch 2, which is available in audio at -- doofus-9 07:14, 24 June 2019 (UTC)