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This book may be a compilation, as all its known talks have appeared in other books as well. See the table below for known correspondences to discourses in other books.

Source for these correspondences is Shifting content in Hindi books (source document), researched and compiled by Osho's brother Shailendra. It is not known whether Antarang came first or the others.

Update: links to books changed by events
Antarang # 1 Path Ki Khoj ~ 02
Antarang # 2 Path Ki Khoj ~ 03
Antarang # 3 Kya Sove Tu Bavri ~ 03 (only beginning of the event; edited)
Antarang # 4 Upasana Ke Kshan ~ 01 (shortened in order not show questions, only answers)
Antarang # 5 Upasana Ke Kshan ~ 02 (shortened in order not show questions, only answers)
Antarang # 7 Path Ki Khoj (पथ की खोज) 3 = Jeevan Ki Khoj (जीवन की खोज) 3 - not checked: found version of PDF has 5 chapters only

About 6th chapter Shailendra added: "3 pages long preface was part of जीवन क्रांति की दिशा-3 (Jeevan Kranti Ki Disha-3) which was considered by mistake to be an extra small discourse."--DhyanAntar 17:09, 26 September 2018 (UTC)

Only available chapter on [ Oshoganga), no.3 (this is the same text as "Talking to Workers" Hindi OshoWorld e-book), does not match to 3rd talk in above table. This is last part of Jeevan Kranti Ki Disha ~ 03.

It needs to research and check above table with Antarang, Karykartaon Se Charcha and other sources of the book. I could not text of those books.--DhyanAntar 07:05, 26 June 2020 (UTC)

Found PDF of the book in the net and checked above table. I removed questions in the table as they are not quotes what stated in the text. No one chapter have titles.--DhyanAntar 16:44, 25 May 2021 (UTC)