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Chap.1 : Beyond Enlightenment Is Only Beyondness 
Chap.2 : Innocence Is a Light unto Itself 
Chap.3 : No Other Path but Life 
Chap.4 : In the End There Is No Word 
Chap.5 : Questions : Exposing Your Way from Ignorance to Innocence 
Chap.6 : Truth Knows No Fifty-Fifty 
Chap.7 : Zorba and Buddha : Their Split Is Your Social Disease 
Chap.8 : Indifference to the Mind Is Meditation 
Chap.9 : The Master Is a Mirror 
Chap.10 : I Answer Your Questions Just to Kill Them 
Chap.11 : Harmony…The Birthplace of Love 
Chap.12 : The Three Initiations : Student, Disciple, Devotee 
Chap.13 : The Only Holy Approach 
Chap.14 : Don’t Be a Missionary, Be a Message 
Chap.15 : A Mystery beyond Explaining 
Chap.16 : Rising in Love…A Partnership in Meditation 
Chap.17 : The Point of No Return 
Chap.18 : Meditation – The Courage to Be Silent and Alone 
Chap.19 : The Future Belongs to the Creative Man 
Chap.20 : Let Go…The Cure for the Disease of Becoming 
Chap.21 : The Watermelon and the Knife 
Chap.22 : The Forgotten Language of the Heart 
Chap.23 : Ten Non-Commandments 
Chap.24 : Eastern Psychology : The Science of the Soul 
Chap.25 : You Are What You Are Seeking 
Chap.26 : The Alchemy of Enlightenment 
Chap.27 : Whatsoever Happens in Silence Is Your Friend 
Chap.28 : Unless the Whole Existence… 
Chap.29 : I Am Crazy, but You Are Crazier! 
Chap.30 : You Are the Watcher Not the Actor 
Chap.31 : Discarding the Container, Discovering the Content 
Chap.32 : Truth Has to Wait…but Not to Wait Forever - See more at:

Rudra, the link above does not show TOC. But your version on first view look as OMI e-book ISBN 978-0-88050-058-6(the link on See title for ch.11, 15. I could not find this ISBN in the net.

Some different TOC are there (ch.15), but another, printed edition of OMI, ISBN 9788172612405.

I could be add these TOC, which differ (at least 1 chapter + Preface), but no trustworthy info.--DhyanAntar 16:43, 14 December 2018 (UTC)

Last edit, which allows to show a reader pages like "(2)", is useful and carry less confusion.--DhyanAntar 09:20, 4 October 2019 (UTC)

Yes, I got confused when I did not see that "(2)". Sometimes it is useful to hide it, like when quoting the exact title, but in this kind of situation better to show our whole title. --Sugit (talk) 13:57, 4 October 2019 (UTC)