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There seem to be a number of variations on the words of the title, both in the Devanagari and transliterations, not so much in connection with this book but with Kabir's doha. We have Dhai and Dhaai, Aakhar, Akhar and Akshar, and Ka and Ke. Whether one search term will find another is quirky, so try a few to find everything.

The "two and a half" refers to the number of characters in the word Prem in Devanagari, an entirely different sense of "letters" than you might expect in the title of a book of letters, but there you go. It is not known whether this ambiguity in meaning exists in Hindi or if the play on words depends on English meanings.

Kabir's doha, or one rendition of it, goes like this:

Pothi Padh Padh Kar Jag Mua, Pandit Bhayo Na Koye,
Dhai Aakhar Prem Ke, Jo Padhe so Pandit Hoye
Reading books everyone died, none became any wise,
One who reads the word of Love, only becomes wise

The info below about Dhai Aakhar was initially derived from the e-book at Osho World. The same e-book exists on many other sites but they are mainly just copies of OW. There were quite a few anomalies in it which could be called errors without much of a stretch. Consideration of its anomalies below is concerned with dates, numbers and names, not the text. It has been updated with info from a first edition hard copy, with the e-book's errors still noted.


First, numbers: The book purports to have 150 letters, or perhaps it would be better to say it aims at that, as that's how many Prem Ke Phool (प्रेम के फूल) has. At any rate, the last one is numbered 150, but there are two places where the counting goes off the rails: There are two number 38s and nothing from 81 to 90. Thus, at this point, the actual count is 141.

UPDATE: Now with Shailendra's e-book info (TOC below), there are clearly 150, and the others were/are just missing from OW's e-book. -- doofus-9 19:08, 9 September 2018 (UTC)


There is a basic chronological progression in the e-book, with four exceptions. The first eleven are fairly jumbled chronologically but all from the late 60s (with one of them completely unknown). Similarly, the last nine are jumbled but all of their own same vintage, late 1970 to Mar 1971. In between, they observe chrono order perfectly (Jan 1966 to Mar 1971) with two exceptions: one (#101), a simple and solitary case of out-of-orderness, the other a more complicated class of exceptions: When we get to Jan 1971, there are 31 instances of the year suddenly changing to 1972 and back and forth (out of 84 letters total in those twenty days which would be in almost-perfect order except for the year). The otherwise tight order suggests 1972 is just wrong, and should be 1971 everywhere. There are within January's prodigious output some date typos as well which are relatively easy to discern. See below for a table of dates and recipients, with some notes on details.

It is somewhat inexplicable why Dhai Aakhar has not been published more recently than whenever. Many of the letters' addressees are well-known in the world of sannyas but many are not. It is a varied collection. One interesting fact that emerges is that Osho wrote three letters to Ma Anand Madhu and Ma Dharm Jyoti using those names before he actually "officially" gave them sannyas in Manali in September of 1970. In Madhu's case, one of the letters was as early as Jan 1970, so Osho's movement towards giving sannyas must have been more nuanced than the previous "Big Bang" model presented of a sudden event in Manali. Perhaps lots more is waiting to be discovered in these letters, say by actually reading them. -- updated doofus-9 18:00, 19 January 2017 (UTC)


beloved Sarlo,

marry christmas to you!

I'm an avid reader of your TALK pages and i'm amazed day after day how you (seem) to keep on top of this dog's breakfast of Hindi discourses.

looking forward to another year of total insanity and it's ultimate cure : Sarlo

love -Rudra --Rudra (talk) 06:53, 26 December 2014 (PST)


As the sign in the outhouse says, "We aim to please, you aim too, please."

Yes, let's have another fine year of insanity in Rudra's House of Mirrors. Blessings to all who read and write here.

Love, Sarlo -- doofus-9 (talk) 08:13, 27 December 2014 (PST)

dates and addressees updates

Sarloji, #101 letter in e-book has incorrect date that's why it is out of chronological order.
And it is worth to add that 1972 cannot be possible: first edition has been published in Sep 1971 with all 150 letters.

Judging all errors and combined text, e-book on OW is recognized version of the book with many OCR/typed errors and some missing pieces of text (at least in recipients) and some missing letters.--DhyanAntar 12:41, 1 January 2020 (UTC)

About two words "Pol" marked by "**" one friend said: "The word ' pol ' in Gujarati language means... A locality of people where very narrow lanes or streets are there. This is an old structure of the walled city or old city before modern urbanisation took place. And the word... Bagheshwar or bageshwar ... is the name of God."--DhyanAntar 04:51, 3 January 2020 (UTC)

And about the linked (**) double asterisks in the table below, the link goes back up to the dates section above where its notes explain the dates anomalies in the e-book. -- doofus-9 23:24, 25 January 2020 (UTC)


(Update: chapter titles, dates and addressees rechecked with physical book, 1971 edition, and updated, now the source of below table is this book. Previous source, e-book from OshoWorld is not exact book as printed and has many errors after when it became digitized.)

chapter title date sent to notes
1 / प्रेम मुक्ति है 18 Jul 1968 Ms Shobhana, now Ma Yoga Shobhana, Bombay
2 / प्रेम में पूर्णतया खो जाना ही प्रभु को पा लेना है 30 Jun 1968 Mrs Shyam Dulari, Bombay
3 / प्रेम शब्दों में कहा भी कहां जाता है! 16 Jul 1968 Mrs Shyam Dulari, Bombay
4 / प्रेम को प्रार्थना बना 13 Dec 1968 Kumari Pushpa Punjabi (now Ma Dharm Jyoti), Bombay
5 / प्रेम, प्रार्थना और परमात्मा 15 Jun 1969 Mrs Durga, Bombay
6 / मेरा प्रेम ही तो मेरा उत्तर है 29 Jul 1969 Ms Anasuya, Bombay
7 / हृदय की भाषा है--प्रेम 17 Oct 1969 Mr Jayantibhai (now Sw Satya Bodhisattva (Jayantibhai)), Bombay
8 / प्रेम में अहंकार और वासना का विसर्जन 4 Aug 1966 am ** Sadhvi Chandana, Poona e-book has incorrect date "4 Jul 1966 am"
9 / आनंद--प्रेम की पीड़ा का 28 Jun 1967 am ** Ms Shobhana (now Ma Yoga Shobhana), Bombay e-book has incorrect date "28 Jun 1976 am". Available manuscript (Letter written on 28 Jun 1968 am) gives 28 Jun 1968 am.
10 / वृहत्तर मनुष्यता के लिए जीने की विधि और प्रयोग 1958 - 1962 (est) Ms Maunu (Kranti), Jabalpur long, undated to Maunu/Mounu, Jabalpur (pet name for Osho's Jabalpur cousin-caretaker who became Ma Yoga Kranti). Dates not certain but a long letter to Mounu is cited in Neeten's Osho Source Book (Appendix section), translated by Vedant.
11 / मात्र जिये जाता हूँ 21 Jan 1966 Jayantibhai (now Sw Satya Bodhisattva (Jayantibhai)), Bombay
12 / सत्य स्वयं ही अपने सैनिक चुन लेता है 27 Jan 1966 Mr Jayantibhai (now Sw Satya Bodhisattva (Jayantibhai)), Bombay
13 / परिस्थिति नहीं--मनःस्थिति का परिवर्तन करें 1 Nov 1966 Mr Patralala Gangawala, Mr Parshvanath Brahmacharyashram (Gurukul), Ellora (Maharashtra)
14 / चाहिए संकल्प--श्रम, धैर्य और प्रतीक्षा 2 Nov 1966 Ms Vasumati Shah, Bombay
15 / अब तो सबकी व्यथा ही मेरी व्यथा बन गयी है 5 Feb 1968 Ms Chandan, Bombay
16 / जीवन एक न सुलझने वाली--सुलझी हुई पहेली 6 Mar 1968 Ms Shobhana (now Ma Yoga Shobhana), Bombay
17 / तेरे ही हाथों में तेरा भाग्य है 5 Apr 1968 Ms Nirmala, Bombay
18 / व्यक्तित्व की सुवास 14 Apr 1968 Ms Chandan, Bombay
19 / आमूल जीवन-क्रांति को मैं संन्यस कहता हूँ 19 Jul 1968 Kumari Pushpa Punjabi (now Ma Dharm Jyoti), Bombay
20 / अनंत और स्वयं के बीच बाधा--'मैं' की मूर्च्छा 17 Aug 1968 Ms Shobhana (now Ma Yoga Shobhana), Bombay
21 / शरीर और इन्द्रियों से परे--हृदय के स्वर 10 Sep 1968 Ms Shobhana (now Ma Yoga Shobhana), Bombay
22 / मैं--'मेरे' नहीं--सत्य के मित्र चाहता हूँ 13 Nov 1968 Mr Laharchand Shah, Bombay
23 / प्यास ही प्रार्थना है 31 Nov [sic] 1968 Ms Chandan, Bombay will assume Nov 30
24 / 'मैं' तो मिट ही गया हूँ 12 Dec 1968 Mrs Kamala Chhabariya, Bombay
25 / स्त्रियों में विद्रोही-आत्मा के जागरण की आवश्यकता 23 Dec 1968 Kumari Pushpa Punjabi (now Ma Dharm Jyoti), Bombay
26 / अनित्य पर ही ध्यान रखना है 24 Jan 1969 Mrs Vasumati Shah, Bombay
27 / परिचय--विगत जन्मों का 15 Mar 1969 Kumari Darshan, Bombay
28 / सार्थक संवाद--निःशब्द में ही 21 Nov 1969 Kumari Darshan Valiya, Bombay
29 / स्वीकार-भाव 2 Dec 1969 Ms Dharmishtha Shah (now Ma Anand Madhu), Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat
30 / जड़-मूल से सब बदल डालना है 10 Dec 1969 Mr Natubhai Mehta, Surendranagar
31 / मन--एक असहजता 12 Jan 1970 Ms Madhu (Dharmishtha Shah), (now Ma Anand Madhu), Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat **
32 / जीवन है अनंत रहस्य 5 Feb 1970 Ms Madhu Shah (now Ma Anand Madhu), Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat **
33 / भोग और दमन के बीच में द्वार है--जागरण का 7 Sep 1970 Ma Dharm Jyoti, Bombay **
34 / सत्य को जानने और पचाने की भी पात्रता चाहिए 17 Sep 1970 [[Ms Maunu (Kranti), Jabalpur, MP
35 / चुप हो--और जान 17 Oct 1970 Ma Dharm Jyoti, Bombay
36 / असंभव की चुनौती में ही आत्मा का जन्म है 25 Oct 1970 Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat
37 / साधना के पथ पर शत्रु भी मित्र हैं 25 Oct 1970 Ma Yoga Prem, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat
38 / अज्ञानी होने की तैयारी में वास्तविक ज्ञान का जन्म 26 Oct 1970 Mr Kashinarayana, co-editor, 'Kesri', Narayana Peth, Poona previously in e-book there were two number 38's. Other removed as erroneous per info from Shailendra. Physical book, first edition, confirms that this is letter 38.
39 / बाल-बुद्धि से ऊपर उठना ही होगा 11 Nov 1970 Mr Nirbhaya Mallik, editor, 'Shmashani Pidhi', 3 Pratap Ghosh Lane, Kolkata-7
40 / स्वयं का बचाव नहीं--बदलाहट करनी है 11 Nov 1970 Ma Dharm Jyoti, Bombay
41 / स्वयं को स्वीकारें 12 Nov 1970 Mr Mathuraprasad Mishra, Patna, Bihar
42 / चलो तो मार्ग बनता है 14 Nov 1970 Mr Dinesh Shahi, Yuvak Kranti Dal, 16, B/32/10, Bhilai Nagar-1, MP
43 / ईश्वर की पुकार से भर गये प्राणों में--संन्यास का अवतरण 19 Nov 1970 Ma Dharm Jyoti, Bombay
44 / स्वयं को खोने की तैयारी 13 Dec 1970 Ms Tara, Bombay
45 / विचारों से गुजर कर विचार का अतिक्रमण 13 Dec 1970 Dr. Savitri Patel, Balasar, Gujarat
46 / संकल्प की पूर्णता में या संकल्प की शून्यता में--समर्पण घटित 13 Dec 1970 Mr P.D. Ingale, Sangamner, Maharashtra
47 / ध्यान है अमृत--ध्यान है जीवन 9 Jan 1971 Dr. L.R. Pandita, L.P.Se., Dental Surgen, Bombay Bazar, Khandwa, MP
48 / संन्यास की आत्मा--स्वतंत्रता में 9 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Maya, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol
49 / विवादों का सर्वश्रेष्ठ प्रत्युत्तर--मौन 10 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Yasha, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol
50 / जीवन--एक खेल, एक अभिनय 11 Jan 1971 Ms Jayamala N. Diddi, 21/3 Bandroad, Poona-1
51 / आत्मीय निकटता का रहस्य-सूत्र 11 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Bhagawati, Bombay typo in month (11) in e-book
52 / एक ही सत्य के अनंत हैं प्रतिफलन 11 Jan 1971 Mr Arjanlal Narela, 1427, Naya Bazar, Neemuch Cant't, Neemuch, MP
53 / "मैं-मेरे" के भ्रम का बोध 11 Jan 1971 ** Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Vishvanid, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat
54 / 'मैं' है जहाँ, वहाँ विनम्रता कहाँ? 11 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Veena, Vishvanid, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat
55 / जीवन एक बेबूझ पहेली 12 Jan 1971 ** Ms Y.S. Dharmadhikari, advocate, Wright Town, Jabalpur, MP in the book it stated "Sabalpur", which do not match to "Wright Town", a part of Jabalpur
56 / भागो मत--रुको और जागो 13 Jan 1971 ** Sw Yoga Murti, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol (Gujarat)
57 / जीवन-रहस्य 13 Jan 1971 Ms Guna Shah, Bombay
58 / ... और तब संसार ही निर्वाण है 13 Jan 1971 Ms Vandana Pungaliya, 101 Timbar Bazar, Poona-2
59 / समर्पण ही साधना है 13 Jan 1971 S. Shirish Pai, Shiv Shakti, Worli, Bombay-18
60 / मौन सम्प्रेषण 14 Jan 1971 ** Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol
61 / आयाम-शून्य आयाम 14 Jan 1971 ** Mr Kamlesh Sharma, Brahmanpara, Raipur, Madhya Pradesh
62 / देखो--सोचो मत--देखो 14 Jan 1971 Mr. Janakaraya S. Vyas, Sarkari Adhyapan Mandir, Dhrol, dist. Jamnagar (Gujarat)
63 / साधो सहज समाधि भली 14 Jan 1971 ** Sw Yoga Murti, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol
64 / श्रद्धा लाओ अपने पर 14 Jan 1971 ** Sw Yoga Murti, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol ‡ seems to be a different letter
65 / स्वतंत्रता 'मैं की' नहीं 'मैं से' 15 Jan 1971 ** Mr. Janakaraya S. Vyas, Sarkari Adhyapan Mandir, Dhrol, dist. Jamnagar (Gujarat)
66 / शास्त्रों से सावधान 15 Jan 1971 ** Sw Yoga Chinmaya, Bombay e-book has incorrect date "15 Jan 1072" [sic]
67 / सत्य--भ्रम का अभाव है 15 Jan 1971 ** Sw Yoga Chinmaya, Bombay ‡ seems to be a different letter
68 / अटकना--अहंकार की पूँछ का 15 Jan 1971 ** Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol
69 / मिला ही हुआ है वह 15 Jan 1971 ** Ma Yoga Nevidita (Kumari Rama), Hathikhana Street, Rajkot, Gujarat book states "Ma Yoga Nivedita", which we assume as typo
70 / अनुग्रह के आँसू 15 Jan 1971 ** Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Vishvanid, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat ‡ seems to be a different letter
71 / योग--कर्म में कुशलता है 15 Jan 1971 ** Ma Anand Madhu, Vishvanid, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol
72 / प्यासों को ही कुआँ तक आना होगा 16 Jan 1971 ** Mr Omprakash Agraval, N. K 175, Charanjitpura, Jalandhar, Punjab
73 / अब गहन कार्य में लगता हूँ 16 Jan 1971 ** Mr Hiralalji Kothari, Daant Bheru, Udaipur, Rajasthan
74 / सम्यक् निष्कर्षों का जन्म--धैर्यपूर्ण प्रतीक्षा से 16 Jan 1971 ** Ma Yoga Meera, Kadiyavad, Junagadh, Gujarat
75 / वही है--अब मैं कहाँ हूँ? 16 Jan 1971 ** Mrs Tripta Singal, house N.N.K. 116, Charanjitpura, Jalandhar, Punjab
76 / तीन सूत्र--साक्षी-साधना के 16 Jan 1971 ** Sw Akshay Bharti, Mr B.J. Upadhyay, Rajpura N. 2, Vaya : Tansa (B.M.T.), Bhavangar, Gujarat
77 / उसकी ही मर्जी पर सब छोड़ा है 16 Jan 1971 ** Mr. Janakaraya S. Vyas, Sarkari Adhyapan Mandir, Dhrol, dist. Jamnagar, Gujarat
78 / मंजिल के लिए मार्ग का अतिक्रमण आवश्यक 16 Jan 1971 ** Dr. Vidhacharana Shah, Hirabaug Dharmashala, Bombay-4
79 / पिछले जन्मों के वायदे 16 Jan 1971 ** Mr Mathura Prasad Mishra, Jeevan Jagriti Kendra, Path 1, Rajendranagar, Patna-16, Bihar
80 / अभी भी कुछ बिगड़ा नहीं है--उठो और चलो 16 Jan 1971 ** Kanhaiya Gaunrakshak, Mahatma Gandhi Marg, Jalna, Maharashtra
81 / कल का कोई भी भरोसा नहीं 16 Jan 1971 Dr. Hemant Shukla, Junagadh, Gujarat
82 / सागर बिच मीन पियासी 16 Jan 1971 Ms Kusum c/o Mr Kapil Mohan Chandhok Kwality Ice Cream, 90a, Industrial Area, Ludhiana (Punjab) book has "Kwalty Ice Cream", which we assume not correct
83 / स्मरण रखें : सब शून्य है 16 Jan 1971 Mr Sundarlalji Jain, Motilal Banarsidass, Bungalow Road, Jawahar Nagar, Delhi-7
84 / खोजो--स्वयं में छिपे प्रभु को 16 Jan 1971 Mr Jayantkumar, Lohanipur, Kadamkuan, Patna-3, Bihar
85 / स्वप्नों में मत खोना 16 Jan 1971 Ms Ranjana, c/o Mr Jayantkumar, Lohanipur, Kadamkuan, Patna-3
86 / श्रद्धा का दुर्लभ द्वार 20 Jan 1971 Mr Kiran, Poona
87 / स्वयं से मिले कि मुझसे मिले 20 Jan 1971 Mr Gopal Narayana Mohal, commercial tax officer, Beawar, Rajasthan
88 / अनन्य (अपने) के साथ कैसा भय 20 Jan 1971 Ms Manju Shah, Ghatkopar, Bombay-89
89 / दिये की परीक्षा--आँधियों में ही 21 Jan 1971 S. Shirish Pai, Bombay
90 / मिलन के पूर्व की विरह-पीड़ा 21 Jan 1971 Mr Chinu B. Shah, Ahmedabad
91 / भय अंधकार है और अभय आलोक 22 Jan 1971 ** Mr Gopal Narayana Mohal, Beawar, Rajasthan
92 / स्वयं को पाना हो तो दूसरों पर ज्यादा ध्यान मत देना 22 Jan 1971 ** Sw Krishna Chaitanya, Sanskar-Teerth, Ajol, Gujarat
93 / एक मिट गये व्यक्ति का रहस्य 22 Jan 1971 ** Dr. Savitri Patel, P. Killa Pardi, Balasar
94 / अशरीरी के अस्वस्थ होने का उपाय ही कहाँ है? 22 Jan 1971 ** S. Shirish Pai, Bombay
95 / नाव सामने है, फिर चिंता कैसी? 22 Jan 1971 ** Mr Krishnadatta Dikshit, 12/346, Bellasis Bridge, Tardev, Bombay-34
96 / दो ही विकल्प--आत्म-घात या आत्म-क्रांति 22 Jan 1971 Ms Bakul, Bombay
97 / संन्यास संकल्प नहीं, समर्पण है 22 Jan 1971 Mr Shiv, Jabalpur, MP
98 / जो मूर्च्छित है, उसे होशपूर्वक करो 23 Jan 1971 ** a sadhak, Poona
99 / संक्रमण की पीड़ा 23 Jan 1971 Mr Chinu B. Shah, Ahmedabad in e-book name presented also as Chuni, a clear OCR/typo
100 / स्वयं को पाया तो सब पाया 23 Jan 1971 Ma Dharm Samadhi, Bombay
101 / अवसर बार-बार नहीं आते 23 Jan 1971 ** Mr Shiv, Jabalpur, MP e-book has incorrect date "12 Jan 1972"
102 / समय के पूर्व शक्ति का जागरण हानिप्रद 23 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Samadhi, Rajkot, Gujarat a different letter, to a different Samadhi: this one is from Rajkot, #100 (Dharm) is from Mumbai
103 / मन का विसर्जन--साक्षी-भाव से 23 Jan 1971 Ms Vimala Sinhal, Neemuch, MP
104 / निकट में डूब, स्वयं में खोज 23 Jan 1971 Ms Aruna, per Mr Sargarilal Sharma, 546/2, Pratapgali Bazar, Amritsar, Punjab
105 / अर्थवत्ता (Meaningfulness) का द्वार 23 Jan 1971 S. Bakul, Bombay
106 / अज्ञात--अतीन्द्रिय मार्ग से सहायता 23 Jan 1971 Mr Trilochan Tripathi, Satna, MP
107 / पीड़ा--बीज के अंकुरित होने की 23 Jan 1971 Mr Narayana (now Sw Akshay Saraswati), Jabalpur, MP
108 / अब व्यर्थ की बातों में न पड़ 23 Jan 1971 Ms Manju Shah, Ghatkopar, Bombay-86
109 / अस्तित्व अद्वैत है 23 Jan 1971 Dr. Savitri Patel, Post Killa Pardi, Balasar ‡ date rendered in digits as 23-171971 in e-book, first 7 is a typo for "-"
110 / ध्यान पर अथक श्रम--फलाकांक्षा-रहित 24 Jan 1971 Mr Dataram Ramalal, 363, Katha Bazar, Bombay-9
111 / बुद्धि में मत उलझ--तू तो सीधे ध्यान में जा 24 Jan 1971 Jayshri Gaukani, Dwarka, Gujarat
112 / जीवन उलझन नहीं--मनुष्य ही उल्टा है 24 Jan 1971 Pushkar Gaunkani, Dwarka, Gujarat
113 / साक्षी में ही समाधान है 24 Jan 1971 Ms Jayavanti Maheshwari, Ghatkopar, Bombay-77 now Ma Prema Nivedita; ‡ date rendered in digits as 24-171971 in e-book, first 7 is a typo for "-"
114 / जगाये रखो संकल्प को 24 Jan 1971 B.L. Naag, stores officer, collector of inspection (weapon), Jabalpur now Sw Advait Bharti; ‡ date rendered as 24 1971 in e-book
115 / ध्यान से प्रश्नों की निर्जरा 24 Jan 1971 Mr Chinu B. Shah, 999 Bagheshwar Ki Pol**, Raipur, Ahmedabad-1, Gujarat
116 / संन्यास में छलाँग 24 Jan 1971 Dr. Savitri Patel, Post Killa Pardi, dist. Balasar, Gujarat
117 / याचना प्रार्थना की हत्या है 24 Jan 1971 Mr Kedar Sinhal, Neemuch, MP
118 / संतुलन--विचार और भाव में, तर्क और श्रद्धा में 24 Jan 1971 Mr Satish Panchal, F-141, L'Hermitage, Boulevard J. Kennedy, Corbeil (Sud), France
119 / ध्यान की गहराई के साथ ही संन्यास-चेतना का आगमन 25 Jan 1971 Mr Sevantilal C. Shah, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
120 / गहरे ध्यान के बाद ही जाति-स्मरण का प्रयोग 25 Jan 1971 Mr Indrajit Shangari, Rani Bazar, Bikaner, Rajasthan
121 / उसके लिए द्वार खुला छोड़ दो स्वयं का 25 Jan 1971 Mr Prabodha Khatra, per Ms Soni Batra, 101, Kakori Colony, Barsova Road, Andheri, Bombay-58
122 / मौन के तारों से भर उठेगा हृदयाकाश 25 Jan 1971 Mr Arun J. Patel, Pragji Vandravan Building, Jamalgali, Borivali, Bombay-92 in e-book date stated as 25-171971, first 7 is a typo for "-"
123 / बहुत देर हो चुकी है--आ जावें अब 25 Jan 1971 Mr P.F. Shah, 1, Woodland Street, Stockton-on-Tees, Teesside, England
124 / स्वयं से पलायन और संसार की चिंता 25 Jan 1971 Mr Madhav, Jabalpur, MP
125 / मध्य में संभालना--स्वयं को 25 Jan 1971 Ms Manju Shah, c/o Dr. S. Shah, Ghatkopar, Bombay-86
126 / अदृश्य और अज्ञात में छलाँग 25 Jan 1971 Mr Brahmachari Samdarshi, Merath, UP
127 / अहंकार की सूक्ष्म लीला को पहचानना 25 Jan 1971 Mr Kedar Sinhal, Neemuch, MP
128 / गंभीरता का रोग और जीवन का हल्कापन 25 Jan 1971 Mr Shyam Durg, c/o Mr S.N. Kasture, G.P.O., Akola, Maharashtha
129 / विचार किया बहुत--अब ध्यान करें 26 Jan 1971 Dr. Ramesh Vyas, 9/2, Narth Harsiddhi, Indore-2, MP
130 / उद्देश्य नहीं--खोजो जीवन को ही 26 Jan 1971 Mr Madhav, Ramesh General Stores, Ganjipura Road, Jabalpur, MP
131 / खूँटियाँ उखाड़ें--जंजीरें छोड़ें 26 Jan 1971 Mr Kantilal T. Sethiya, Puraliya Road, P. Chas, Dhanbad, Bihar
132 / स्वयं का रूपान्तरण ही तपश्चर्या है 26 Jan 1971 ** Sw Anand Murti, Mandvi Ki Pol**, Ahmedabad-1
133 / चाहिए पागल प्रेम--सरल श्रद्धा और समग्र स्वीकृति 26 Jan 1971 Mr Bahadursingh Maru, 306 S Rajendranagar, Indore, MP in e-book date stated as 25-171971, first 7 is a typo for "-"
134 / स्वयं से मिलने के पहले बहुत-कुछ आयेगा और जायेगा 25 Jan 1971 Mr Madanalal Chaudhari, per - Ch.N. 214/3-8, Jaliyanvala Bazar, Dhobiyan, Amritsar, Punjab
135 / रत्ती भर अहंकार--और सब बेकार 26 Jan 1971 Mr Kedar Sinhal, Neemuch, MP
136 / धैर्य और साक्षीत्व--साधक के पाथेय 27 Jan 1971 Ma Yoga Samadhi, Pankoj, 44 Prahlad Plot, Rajkot, Gujarat
137 / चेतना के प्रतिक्रमण का रहस्य-सूत्र 27 Jan 1971 Mr Govardhanalal Varma, Ranak Bradars, Chandra Building, Avenue Road, Bangalore-2
138 / ध्यान करें--चिंतन नहीं 27 Jan 1971 Mr Midhilal Rajulal Saklecha, Sadar Bazar, Dhamtari, MP
139 / ध्यान--धर्म अर्थात् मृत से अमृत की यात्रा 27 Jan 1971 Ms Padma Babubhai, engineer, 15-Saraswati Mahal, Paud Phata, Erandwana, Poona-4 e-book proposes date 29 Jan 1971
140 / व्यक्तित्व के आमूल रूपान्तरण पर ही प्रेम घटित 21 Jan 1971 Mr Kedar Sinhal, Neemuch, MP
141 / काम रासायनिक है--और प्रेम आध्यात्मिक 7 Mar 1971 Pro. Bharat J. Seth, Departament of Botany, Ahmednagar College, Ahmednagar, Maha.
142 / अप्रेम के काँटे और प्रेम के फूल 26 Feb 1971 Mrs Basanti Bakhariya, Kheda Camp, Gujarat
143 / मिटने की तैयारी ही है--प्रेम को पाने की कुंजी 10 Mar 1971 Ms Urmila, Gorakhpur (Ma Anand Urmila?)
144 / बेशर्त, अपेक्षारहित प्रेम की सुवास 29 Jan 1971 Mr Vinukumar Ch. Suthar, Patan, Gujarat
145 / प्रेम को पूजा बना 12 Mar 1971 Ms Urmila, Gorakhpur
146 / प्रतीक्षारत प्रेम प्रार्थना बन जाता है 17 Feb 1971 S. Rama Patel, Ahmedabad
147 / प्रेम प्रार्थना बनते ही दिव्य हो जाता है 11 Feb 1971 Ms Urmila, Gorakhpur
148 / साकार प्रेम और निराकार प्रार्थना 15 Feb 1971 Mr Vinay Kumar Ch. Suthar, Chachariya, Patan (North Gujarat)
149 / प्रेम-गली अति साँकरी 6 Mar 1971 Ms Vimala Sinhal, Neemuch Cant't, Neemuch, MP
150 / "ढाई आखर प्रेम का, पढ़े सो पंडित होय" 30 Dec 1970 Mr Dalajit Singh, I.T.S. Meharchand Technical Institute, Jalandhar (Punjab)