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Title means A New Door. Of the five audio discourses available, only two have titles, per below. only offers the two with titles, perhaps because of sound quality issues, and indicates that the titled ones are #4 & 5. E-book versions were not investigated, being found only on non-Osho-related sites. -- Sarlo (talk) 09:07, 18 May 2014 (PDT)

प्रवचन (TOC):
4? दूसरों के विचार और ज्ञान से मुक्ति
5? विश्वास और धारणाएं हमारे बंधन has updated its audiobook info for Dwar. We now have five discourse titles but now the two that are available are numbered one and two, if it matters. They are the same titles. -- doofus-9 15:31, 22 February 2017 (UTC)

1. दूसरों के विचार और ज्ञान से मुक्ति
2. विश्वास और धारणाएं हमारे बंधन
3. चित्त की सरलता
4. पक्षपातों से मुक्त मन
5. सजग चेतना और शांत चित्त

These titles have been duly compared with the titles from the 2016 OMI contents image and it is no great surprise that they are very similar, the only differences being सरलत corrected to सरलता (probably my transcription error earlier) and two instances of चित्त being unable to replicate ligatures created in the book's typesetting / printing processes. See Devanagari Ligatures for more on that. The last word in the title (द्वार) is another ligature failure, for that matter.

Some or most of the talks were likely given in 1967, that being presumed on the basis of OIF's copyright claim, see the pub info page. Possibly some were given later than that as well. -- doofus-9 07:23, 16 August 2018 (UTC)

date conflict

For discourse #04, there is a conflict in the date (May 7, 1967) with Amrit Dwar (अमृत द्वार) #03, see it's talk page. --DhyanAntar 10:32, 4 September 2018 (UTC)

basis for dates?

So how do we know what discourses are on what dates? I have not seen anything explicit in the wiki that connects dates in May 1967 with particular discourses, except the 1967 Timeline. But where did that info come from? How do we know the talks, or at least some of them, were in Indore? OIF's copyright claim of 1967 seems to put some, most or all of them in 1967, but when and where more precisely?

Currently, per the Timeline, #3-5 are on 6-8 May. It may be that some of END's talks were on those dates, but why #3, 4 and 5? I saw mention in Talk:Amrit Dwar (अमृत द्वार) of "data from Shailendra's e-book for Naya Dwar". Is this accessible? Can it be put here?

There is new info re talks in Indore in May 1967 at Manuscripts ~ Reports Timeline Extraction. It is tempting to accept this as applicable to END, as the dates nearly coincide, though the title is not mentioned. In fact, if there is a way to substantiate END's claim to these dates, i would propose to put #1 and #2 in here as well. #1 and #2 currently have no dates at all, and in light of the very specific claims being made for #3-5, it seems fairly arbitrary to leave out 1 and 2. And there is room in these days for all five talks of this series, more than enough room. Too much room one might even say, since it is not clear how exactly the five talks might be apportioned. The available days are described below, with "Sheet B-1" and "Sheet B2R" referring to particular source pages in Manuscripts ~ Reports):

Dates Event Description and Notes
5 - 8 May Sheet B-1 -- Indore, daily addressed a large public gathering in the courtyard of Rajwada
7 May Evening, Addressed members of Lions Clubs Indore.
8 May am Sheet B-2R -- Indore, addressed a huge public gathering at Geetagyan Mandir

This account could easily be of four talks in Rajwada, on May 5, 6, 7 and 8, with no am or pm specified, plus May 7 pm at the Lions club and May 8 am at Geetagyan Mandir. And still have room for a second talk on May 6, with a second talk on May 5 unlikely but possible. So how to divide these days and nights up into five talks?

And in passing we should note that the specifics of the above descriptions do not align perfectly with those in the Timeline. The Timeline has the Lions Club talk on May 8 am and doesn't mention Geetagyan Mandir or Rajwada. -- doofus-9 08:06, 23 June 2019 (UTC)