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Dates and Places for most of Osho's talks on the chapters (Adhyayas) of Bhagavad Geeta eventually came to be known, mainly from a consensus of sources, occasionally verified by the first editions. Adhyaya 13 was the most resistant, because the two most reliable sources agreed on something that just didn't seem very possible. (See Talk:Geeta-Darshan (गीता-दर्शन) (series) for details.) Finally, images from the book have arrived. There isn't one single page stating a date range and location, but one has been created (right) by pasting together date info printed on otherwise blank pages for each of the twelve chapters. Now finally it adds up and makes sense.

Still, there are couple of minor glitches, just to remind us that glitches happen: Both #9 and #10 are said to be on the same night, and the time of night moves mysteriously from ratri (night) to sandhya (evening) after the fourth discourse. But whatever.

The location for all twelve talks is given as Cross Maidan, Parsi Kuan, Bombay. Kuan just means "well", as in hole in the ground from which to get water, and these days it is not called that at all but "Bhika Behram Well", after the Parsi guy who dug the well, actually finding a decent source of non-brackish water, and it's in Cross Maidan, and ... more than you wanted to know?

And the dates run from May 4 to May 15, one discourse each evening, no matter what it says for ch 9. -- doofus-9 05:40, 5 September 2019 (UTC)