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Geeta Darshan Bhag 7 1973 contents.jpg

Interesting! The TOC given in the Contents image of the 1973 first edition has completely different titles from those in the 1999 8-vol edition of these talks on Adhyaya 7. Table below shows them both. Likely the earlier titles were deemed too formulaic to be marketable in the more sophisticated 90s, so all-new titles were rolled out. (And Osho's emphatic point regarding the validity of many different approaches to unity is lost in the process.) It remains to be seen what happened to other chapter titles in the first editions of Geeta Darshan. (As of this writing, this volume is the only first edition the wiki has info for.)

It will also be observed that the page numbers in the Contents image are a little erratic, going 1, 35, 67, 103, 135, 171, then 305, 231, 252, 383, a couple of 3's slipping in where there should be 2's. And the underlined "2" is suspect, being the only even-numbered page. So production values were not so high in the early days. So sue them! -- doofus-9 16:46, 31 October 2018 (UTC)


1999 edition:
1. अनन्य निष्ठा
2. परमात्मा की खोज
3. अदृश्य की खोज
4. आध्यात्मिक बल
5. प्रकृति और परमात्मा
6. जीवन अवसर है
7. मुखौटों से मुक्ति
8. श्रद्धा का सेतु
9. निराकार का बोध
10. धर्म का सारः शरणागति
1973 edition:
1. निष्ठा है योग
2. परा-ज्ञान है योग
3. ओम है योग
4. 'मैं' है योग
5. भजन है योग
6. मृत्यु-ज्ञान है योग
7. एकीभाव है योग
8. पूर्णता है योग
9. समय-बोध है योग
10. नृत्य है योग