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Jeevan Darshan does appear in several booklists, so one can presume it was once published, but no specific biblio-data has yet been found by yr faithful editors. OTOH, there is an earlier book of letters published in the early 60s with the same title, so it is possible that references are to that other book, with this book never having been published. -- doofus-9 (talk) 23:27, 3 October 2014 (PDT)

Jeevan Darshan contents.jpg

But now, with the publication of the translation in 2016, it seems we can conclude there was a 1975 edition. doofus-9 05:02, 25 October 2016 (UTC)

प्रवचन (discourse titles per Osho World audiobook):
1. जीवन में स्वयं के तथ्यों का साक्षात्कार
2. बीज में वृक्ष का साक्षात्कार
3. जीवन में असुरक्षा का साक्षात्कार
4. जीवन में शुभ का साक्षात्कार
5. जीवन में स्वयं का साक्षात्कार
6. जीवन में स्वयं के प्रश्नों का साक्षात्कार
7. जीवन में प्रेम का साक्षात्कार

Now (Jul 2017), the book has duly shown up, likely published in 2016, that presumption based on OIF's copyright claim, as is the presumption of 1967 for the talks dates. So far, it may only have been published by OMI, besides the presumed 1975 edition.

Discourse / chapter titles are somewhat repetitive. There is one difference (underlined) in titles between the OW audio version and the audiobook, in the 5th talk, where has अहंकार instead of स्वयं. That difference persists in the book (image above right), ie OMI's book's title is the same as's audiobook's. Theories may abound concerning this difference. The OW title is likely older, therefore OIF's version can be deemed an updating, with whatever motivation. That OW's earlier version is a simple mistake cannot be ruled out. -- doofus-9 17:40, 26 July 2017 (UTC)

And now we have some info, below, about the talks that comprise this book, source Jagdish. Unfortunately, this info conflicts with some we already have, concerning Satya Ki Pahli Kiran (सत्य की पहली किरण). They crash in the Timeline. SKPK's info there is somewhat conjectural and was entered provisionally however. It was derived from Neeten's Osho Source Book and can be viewed at SKPK's talk page.

Looking into Shifting content in Hindi books (source document), we see that every one of Satya Ki Pahli Kiran's chapters has appeared in other books as well, and a variety at that, making it look more like a non-original compilation. It has two chapters in common with Jeevan Darshan, which may have been what allowed SKPK to claim those dates.:

Jeevan Darshan #1 <==> Satya Ki Pahli Kiran #7 and
Jeevan Darshan #3 <==> Satya Ki Pahli Kiran #5

All this considered together with the new Date and Place info on Jeevan Darshan, a good case can now be made for JD to take its space back.

Jeevan Darshan 1-7 D&P.jpg
Jeevan Darshan #1 -- 8/12/1967 pm (9:00) -- Ghatkopar, Mumbai
Jeevan Darshan #2 -- 8/13/1967 am (8:00) -- Q&A -- Ghatkopar
Jeevan Darshan #3 -- 8/13/1967 pm (9:00) -- Ghatkopar
Jeevan Darshan #4 -- 8/14/1967 am (9:00) -- Q&A -- Ghatkopar
Jeevan Darshan #5 -- 8/14/1967 pm (9:00) -- Ghatkopar
Jeevan Darshan #6 -- 8/15/1967 am (9:00) -- Q&A -- Ghatkopar
Jeevan Darshan #7 -- 8/14/1967 om (9:00) -- Education (talk to girls), Ratna Chintamani School, Ghatkopar

-- doofus-9 08:05, 18 December 2018 (UTC)

Some two typos in dates in presented images of Star edition (1975), but all 7 chapters have one place, Ghatkopar, Bombay, and dates look like solid period.

One difference - last chapter. Its date is the same as in chapter 6, it means 15 Aug 1967 pm, which differs with Timeline that used Jagdish table (btw, time stated in this table can be incorrect: 9:00 pm - unlikely).--DhyanAntar 06:24, 7 January 2020 (UTC)