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Only source for info on this book is, which has only an audio offering, with which they provide titles for each mp3 / chapter. -- doofus-9 06:11, 25 January 2017 (UTC)


1. जीवन के प्रति अहोभाव
2. जीवन में रहस्य-भाव
3. जीवन में जागरूकता
4. मैं कौन हूं?

Dates and Places info now in from Jagdish (image) is transcribed below:

1. Jan 20 1968 pm Ruia College, Matunga, Bombay
2. Jan 21 1968 pm Ruia College, Matunga, Bombay
3. Jan 22 1968 pm Ruia College, Matunga, Bombay
4. Mar 4 1968 om Worli, Bombay

The third talk info refers to a "call for sharing Osho's work", which brings up the themes explored in Anant Ki Pukar (अनंत की पुकार). Could it be one of Anant's discourses? Close! One of them, ch 8, is on Jan 23 1968 and is described as a "personal interview". A near-exciting possibility is that Anant's ch 7 is missing a date; but there is a catch: that talk does have a location, and it's not Ruia College but "Kasubhai's house". So in the end, no cigar. -- doofus-9 07:55, 11 January 2019 (UTC)

Confirmed: no relation in text with Anant.--DhyanAntar 16:03, 12 May 2020 (UTC)

Judging by date ("22 Jan 1968") and place ("Ruia College") third talk listed as "अंहकार" (Anhakar) in Hindi series of talks with dates 2 (source document).--DhyanAntar 08:56, 2 September 2020 (UTC)

About first old edition it is unclear if it exists as following sources clearly mean book by Dr Seth Govinddas Jeevan-Kranti Ki Disha (जीवन-क्रांति की दिशा) (sannyas book) published in 1966: list from Prem Ke Phool (प्रेम के फूल) (1970.12 ed.: as 'in press'), Mar 1971, Jul 1971 and Sep 1971 of Hindi Books in Print Lists.

Only list from 1988 ed. of Mahaveer-Vani, Bhag 2 (महावीर-वाणी, भाग 2) ver 1.5 lists this title as not longer available. Most likely it is again book og Seth Govinddas.--DhyanAntar 06:59, 20 December 2020 (UTC)

According to Osho's Appointment Diary 1967-1970 (translated source document), which is precise enough mostly, Osho departed from Balsar to Bombay on night of 3 Mar 1968, then he reached Bombay on next morning. But in order to reach Jabalpur by train on the same day (4 Mar: he started the journey and reached the place) it needs about 14 hours, which is not possible that there was a talk in Worli, Bombay in afternoon (event ~ 04).--DhyanAntar 04:15, 23 September 2022 (UTC)