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Current Understanding

event audio,
Shailendra's PDF,
Oshoganga library second part of 2014 book edition of
Trisha Gai Ek Boond Se
Dates & Places
Jeevan Satya Ki Khoj ~ 01 Trisha Gai Ek Bund Se #5 1. सत्य की खोज 1. सत्य की खोज 1. सत्य की खोज part II, ch 1. सत्य की खोज 11 Mar 1969 am, Porbandar (GJ)
Jeevan Satya Ki Khoj ~ 02 Trisha Gai Ek Bund Se #6 2. परमात्मा की अनुभूति 2. परमात्मा की अनुभूति 2. परमात्मा की अनुभूति part II, ch 2. परमात्मा की अनुभूति 11 Mar 1969 pm, Porbandar (GJ)
Jeevan Satya Ki Khoj ~ 03 Trisha Gai Ek Bund Se #7 3. जागरण के तीन सूत्र 3. जागरण के तीन सूत्र 3. जागरण के तीन सूत्र part II, ch 3. जागरण के तीन सूत्र 12 Mar 1969 am, Porbandar (GJ)
Jeevan Satya Ki Khoj ~ 04 (*2) 4. अंतस आलोक की उपलब्धि part II, ch 4. अंतस आलोक की उपलब्धि 3 Apr 1967, Hyderabad (*1)

(*1) Place is based on the info that Osho was in Hyderabad on that day.

Last, 4th, event published in Moulik Kranti (मौलिक क्रान्ति) (ch.7 of part I) and in Trisha Gai Ek Boond Se (तृषा गई एक बूंद से) (ch.8, 2014 ed.)


Only source for info on this book is, which has only an audio offering. They provide titles for each mp3 / chapter.


1. सत्य की खोज
2. परमात्मा की अनुभूति
3. जागरण के तीन सूत्र

The same TOC is in Shailendra's e-book.--DhyanAntar 15:40, 17 September 2018 (UTC)

Now we have some Dates and Places for these three talks from Jagdish. Actually, he has sent two versions, which are both presented here as they reflect different orientations and have slightly different info, Not different-conflicting but different-complementary. They are summarized in the text below.

Other sources agree that JSKK, ie the three talks above, ended up as ch 5-7 of Trisha Gai Ek Boond Se (तृषा गई एक बूंद से). Both of Jagdish's versions point to that too, but add a twist to it that raises more questions than it answers.

JSKK #1 -- TGEBS #5 -- Mar 11 1969 am Porbandar
JSKK #2 -- TGEBS #6 -- Mar 11 1969 pm Porbandar
JSKK #3 -- TGEBS #7 -- Mar 12 1969 am Porbandar
JSKK #4 -- TGEBS #8 -- Apr 3 1967

Porbandar, for those curious travelers who have somehow arrived here, is the town in coastal Gujarat where Mohandas Gandhi was born. -- doofus-9 07:36, 27 December 2018 (UTC)

That fourth discourse

Trisha Gai is not said anywhere to have eight chapters, but there is a reference in Trisha Gai's talk page to JSKK having a fourth, missing audio and chapter somewhere else. It reads, "These are the 'surviving' three chapters of that small book, which originally had four talks. Its orphaned fourth talk apparently has been incorporated into Chit Chakmak Lage Nahin (चित चकमक लागै नहीं) as the mysterious 7th chapter there".

Which is all very well, but Chit Chakmak's talk page makes it clear that its mysterious chapter 7 is just missing, not somehow involved with an imported orphan from some other series. The 7th talk was a Q&A session at the end of a sort of "urban camp", on consecutive days in Mumbai. JSKK is simply not needed.

The further one delves into this tale, the weirder it gets. Chit Chakmak's regular first six discourses are said (in its own Dates and Places reckoning) to be all from a series called Jeevan Ki Khoj (जीवन की खोज), ie this series without "Satya (सत्य)". Could the reference to this series have been a simple mistake intending the other? Well, no. That series has either four or nine talks, not six or seven, and the disposition of those talks is all over the place, but none are connected with Chit Chakmak, at least according to Shifting content in Hindi books (source document).

So we will let those hints and mentions of a fourth talk go out and play by themselves and give up for now. -- doofus-9 07:37, 28 December 2018 (UTC)

A list of Hindi discourses from Shailendra mentions also 4 talks.--DhyanAntar 07:55, 29 February 2020 (UTC)

This chapter now printed in 2014 edition of Trisha. Text of it also available on library. It is unclear how it related with other 3 talks from Porbandar and what its accurate date and place.--DhyanAntar 16:38, 8 May 2020 (UTC)

media status has 3 mp3s: #01--03. OW has no mp3s under this title, but does have 7 mp3s under the title "Trisha Gai Ek Bund Se", of which the last 3 could then be the Jeevan Satya-ones, this is supported when comparing the duration of the audio. Still, it needs to be researched what is what.

Noteworthy: on, if one clicks on the name of one of the three audios for further info, one gets to see a list with 4 audios: first a "#0: Audio Not Available", and then the usual #01--03. --Sugit (talk) 08:16, 7 January 2019 (UTC)

Completed check of Trisha series made here: Talk:Trisha Gai Ek Boond Se (तृषा गई एक बूंद से).--DhyanAntar 16:38, 8 May 2020 (UTC)